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Agent B10 Instructions

Agent B10 is played with the mouse. Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot. The mouse is also used to interact with the shop and equipment interfaces.

Agent B10 Walkthrough

Agent B10 is a quirky sniper game that puts you in the role of an agent trying to secure a secret ice cream recipe. This sniper game features stick figure graphics, a variety of upgrades, and challenging mission-based gameplay!

The objective of Agent B10 is to complete each mission. Before each mission, you are given a briefing with your directives and requirements. Pay close attention to this briefing since it will give you clues as to how to find your target. If you succeed in a mission, you will advance to the next and be rewarded with a sum of money, but if you fail a mission, you will be penalized and required to play the mission over again.

You may also buy superior equipment between levels of Agent B10. Rifles with a high recharge stat are able to fire quickly, and rifles with a higher accuracy stat can hit targets easier. Buying the bipod attachment will make the scope sway far less, which will also increase your accuracy. Finally, you may buy better scopes that have a wider field of vision and more powerful zoom. I advise buying a scope with a wider view as soon as you can, as it is a big help when picking out targets in this sniper game. You will also want to make sure that you have bought enough bullets to take care of each target; a rifle without bullets is useless in this sniper game! Don't forget to equip your new toys under the equip menu.

Agent B10 is a rather short sniper game with only nine levels, but it is still an entertaining game that requires patience, reasoning skills, and expertise. If you like sniping games with quirky humor and smooth stick figure graphics, then Agent B10 is just the sniper game for you!