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Agent B10 2 Instructions

Agent B10 2 is played with the mouse. Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot. The mouse is also used to interact with the shop and equipment interfaces.

Agent B10 2 Walkthrough

Agent B10 2 is the sequel to the sniper game, Agent B10. Agent B10 2 features the same humor, upgrades, and graphics that made agent B10 such a charming game, but features a different storyline and new challenges.

As was the case in the first Agent B10, you are given a briefing before each mission in Agent B10 2. Your briefing will give you details that are important to completing your mission and hitting the correct target. You will not be able to beat this sniper game if you do not pay close attention to your briefings! If you succeed in a mission, you are rewarded with cash and will proceed to the next level, but if you fail in a mission, cash will be deducted from you and you will have to play the mission over again.

The upgrades in Agent B10 2 are the exactly the same as they were in the first Agent B10. If you had a favorite setup in the first game, you can buy and equip the exact same equipment in this sniper game. I advise you to buy a better scope to increase your field of vision as soon as you can afford it, followed by the bipod to increase your stability and accuracy. Buying a rifle with a high recharge statistic will allow you to shoot faster, which is a dramatic help in later missions that will require you to quickly gun down multiple targets. Don't forget to buy enough bullets to complete each mission; you don't want to run dry in the field!

Agent B10 2 does not add a ton of improvements to the Agent B10 series, but it is still a solid sequel with twelve new missions. If you have played the first Agent B10, you will be right at home playing this sniper game since the controls and equipment are the same. If you are a fan of sniper games, I suggest that you play the first Agent B10, then come back to play its exciting sequel, Agent B10 2!