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Anaksha: Dark Angel Instructions

Anaksha: Dark Angel is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move the mouse to aim and click to shoot. Press the spacebar to toggle the scope. Use the Q and A keys (or the P and L keys or mouse wheel) to zoom in and out.

Anaksha: Dark Angel Walkthrough

Anaksha: Dark Angel is the sequel to the assassin game, Anaksha: Female Assassin. This sniper game continues the story of its predecessor and features improved graphics, a new upgrade system, and two gameplay modes.

The two modes of gameplay available in Anaksha: Dark Angel are Cinematic Mode and Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode is perfect for casual gamers that want to skip the story and get right into the action. This mode features less vulgar subject matter and has a quicker loading time, making it the better choice for casual gamers, younger players and those sneaking in gaming breaks on the job. For the sake of this game description, we will be primarily discussing Cinematic Mode. Cinematic Mode contains all of the cutscenes and thus has a longer loading time. Players that wish to continue from where this sniper game's predecessor left off should play Cinematic Mode.

A walkthrough of the first mission of this assassin game will be provided to help you get started. Your briefing states that your objective is to capture a drug supplier, Dean Whitmore, who is meeting with his dealer on the top of the Techno Bar. You want to catch him alive, so instead of shooting him, you will want to kill the dealer, which will cause him to flee. According to the mission briefing, the dealer will be wearing a red shirt and keeps his hair in a small ponytail. The meeting takes place in a room above the bar, so wait for the lights to come on and the target to appear. Do not fire until the dealer and Whitmore have spoken; firing prematurely will result in failure! Unlike this sniper game's predecessor, you can save your progress, so be sure to do so after the mission if you want to continue the next time that you play!

Anaksha: Dark Angel also features an upgrade system which may be accessed between missions. Missions that are successfully competed reward research points. I advise researching the magazine loader and ammo belt first since they only take one point a piece (perfect since you earn two research points after the first mission) and they are both prerequisites for specialty ammo, which comes in handy later in this sniper game. Keep in mind that you do not have access to items undergoing research right away; you will have to wait until the end of the next mission to use them.

Anaksha: Dark Angel is a superb sequel that retains and improves upon the cinematic style of its predecessor. If you enjoyed Anaksha: Female Assassin, then continue her adventures in this vivid sniper game, Anaksha: Dark Angel!