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Arsenal Instructions

Arsenal is controlled by the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to aim, shoot, and pick up items. The X and C keys hide and show your scope respectively. The R key reloads your rifle. More controls will be introduced as the game progresses.

Arsenal Walkthrough

Arsenal is an artistic sniping game. Arsenal features amazing graphics, breathtaking audio, cinematic-style animations, and a gripping storyline.

If this is your first time playing Arsenal, I encourage you to try the shooting range before playing the main game. The shooting range allows you to get a feel for the shooting mechanics of this sniper game. Once you have put a few rounds downrange, you can proceed to the main story of the game.

If you have played other mission-based sniper games, then Arsenal will not present a huge learning curve. Your objective is to complete each mission by carrying out the objectives given in briefings before each mission. It is a good idea to read the briefing thoroughly and carefully so that you know which targets to hit and what to look out for. If you fail a mission, you will have to retry it to advance to the next, but you have an unlimited number of retries. Unfortunately, your progress is not saved in this sniper game, so you will have to start from the beginning if you quit and come back later.

Many missions of this sniper game require keen observation to complete. Use the X key to unscope and get a wider field of vision. The C key is used to return your scope. You can shoot without being scoped, but this comes at the cost of precision since you have no cursor or crosshair when unscoped, so it is completely inadvisable to do so. A good tactic to use is to unscope to get a feel of the surroundings, then quickly bringing up your scope to fire. Also, remember that you can use night vision by pressing the V key; it may be helpful in some situations.

Arsenal is not a a meat-headed run-and-gun shooting game. You are a sniper, and as a sniper, you must have finesse. Although you can gain more points for being speedy, trying to eliminate a target too quickly may cause you to fail. Instead, it is a good idea to think things through and use the environment to your advantage. Try to make every shot count and remain undetected!

Arsenal is an amazing cinematic experience of a sniper game. If you enjoy games with high-quality graphics and animation with equally impressive gameplay, then Arsenal will be a satisfying gameplay experience for you!