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Bullet Instructions

If you have played shooting or sniper games like the ever-popular Sift Heads, playing and getting started with Bullet should be a piece of cake. Just like most sniper games out there, you just need to keep your mouse and your wits with you to play it. Move your mouse to aim, keep your hands steady, and when you are all set to make the shot, hit the left click button. By the way, if you need to zoom in to make sure your bullet hits the right spot, just hit the W button. To zoom out, pressing the S button should get the job done in no time. Onto the game!

Bullet Walkthrough

A brand spanking new first person sniper game from the same guys who brought us the Sift Heads shooting game series - this is Bullet! If you are a HUGE fan of sniper games, you just have to check this game out... PERIOD. A sniper in training, you get to test your shooting and sniper skills through different and somewhat unorthodox shooting ranges. The targets differ from one level to another. In one of the levels, you may find yourself shooting birds in flight. On the level after that, shooting down helpless and immobile watermelons in record time will be your mission. And to step up the difficulty, you will shoot down assassins who fire back... and you better be fast and efficient at disposing them.

Coming at you with 2 areas - backyard and the streets (with 5 different sniper and shooting challenges for each), this is one of those sniper games that will surely keep you busy for quite some time. The game REALLY reminds me of the training scene in 'The Mechanic' (starred by the Jason 'The Transporter' Statham). The gun used in the movie and in the game LOOKS very identical.

For every stage you complete successfully, you are awarded with stars. Here's an important note: before you can unlock an area or a level, you need to gain a certain number of stars. The better you perform, the MORE stars you keep under your belt. BUT what if you flunk it the first time? After all, you are a first timer. Well, you don't have to worry folks. You can always go back and replay the stages where your score / stars are less than acceptable. This also gives the game some nice replay value. Speaking of replay value, I think the creators would have done a GREATER and even better job in this department if things are randomized (where the snipers would appear for example). HOWEVER, that would also step up the difficulty of the game significantly and may turn off casual sniper games lovers.

Looking closely, it's NOT just the game that's really fun. The visuals, the audio effects, and everything else in between are awesome. The way the game was designed is REALLY top notch. You may grow tired of me talking about Sift Heads, BUT when it comes to these departments, it's at par or even better than Sift Heads. It's NOT surprising since it was designed by the same guys. I won't be surprised if Bullet ends up as a HUGE sniper games series like its predecessor.

Anyway, going back to what we are talking about, the game is designed really well. The stages are short and sweet. The difficulty level steps up pretty smoothly. Along with that, the different guns you get to lay your hands on feel unique from the others. The ability to change your scope's view using the W and S buttons is also nice. HOWEVER, for me, what sealed the deal is the 3D camera. This is especially true when you scope or zoom in, fires, and the bullet hits the target is slow motion. REALLY sweet!

Like an icing on top of the cake, if you are one of those casual gamers who only have... say 20 to 30 minutes a day to play sniper games and have fun, here are the cheats that would make the challenge a notch or two easier for you. You'll key them in through the Cheat Option at the main menu. Oh! And one last thing, use uppercase letters. Here they are:

(1) For fast moving bullets, key in POW. (2) If you want the other extreme, however, you can get REALLY slow moving bullets with POOOW. (3) If you want to slow down the movement of your targets, key in TIRED. (4) Want to play on all levels without the need to earn the necessary number of stars? No biggie! Just key in LVL in the cheat menu and you are good to go. (5) Shooting down non-stop is FUN... until you have to reload. If you don't want to reload and just keep shooting your way to victory, key in WAR. (6) And last BUT not the least, if you want to beef up your firing speed, keying in TRIG should get the job done.

And there you have it folks! What are you waiting for? Reading what I write is fun... BUT playing one of the best sniper games - Bullet, is infinitely better!