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Bullet 2 Instructions

If you have played sniper games before, if you played the previous installment of this series, getting things rolling in the RIGHT direction in Bullet 2 should be as easy as pie. As long as you know how to use your mouse and as long as you know how to aim, you should be good to go. To start off, move your mouse to move your scope and aim for your target. Next, once you have your gun pointing where you want it to, just hit the left click button to fire. When your bullet hits, VIOLA! Down goes your target. Oh! One more thing, if you want to zoom into your scope, just hit the W button. Once you are done and you want to zoom out, hit the S button. That's about it for the controls. Now let's have a closer look at the game.

Bullet 2 Walkthrough

YES folks! I knew Bullet, which is created by the same guys who brought us Sift Heads, would start a brand-spanking new shooting and sniper games series. With Bullet 2, it seems like MediaMeg (the creator of the game) is bound to carve a BIGGER name for himself. In Bullet 2, you are pitted into a shooting range filled with intense challenges and a wide range of targets... and of course, let's not forget, it also comes with cool slow motion and bloody effects!

If you are a HUGE fan of shooting and sniper games, especially FPS's like Counter Strike, Duke Nukem, and the like, then you will fall in love with Bullet 2. This is a continuation of the first game where play as a sniper in training. I don't know EXACTLY what you are training for, BUT from the looks of it, it's going to be BIG. I think we just need to wait for the next installment to find out. Anyway, as I have mentioned above, there are different levels with different targets in this game. There's a level where you need to take out immobile beer bottles. On the level following that, the challenge steps up and you need to take out birds in flight. The challenges keep getting harder than the one before it until you finally need to take out assassins who know a thing or two about killing people with guns.

In each of the levels, you are given stars (after completion). What are those stars for you wonder? You see, for you to progress from one level to the next, you need to earn a certain number of stars. Now, if you fail BIG time on your first try, don't worry. You can always go back to replay the stages, work harder to get the stars, and rinse and repeat the process until you bag enough stars. I think this also gives the game some decent amounts of replay value. BUT if replay value is what you are after, the game would have done better if it's randomized. That, HOWEVER, will step up the difficulty by a mile and other gamers and lovers of sniper games (those who play for fun and who loves walkthroughs) may be turned off.

Continuing what the original bullet game has started; Bullet 2 is beefed up with nice sound effects and 3D camera action. When the camera goes slow motion when you fire a bullet while zoomed in your scope... man, it's REALLY sweet! The game's levels have been designed really nicely. They are short, challenging, and really fun to play. BUT let me remind you, they do require some amount of sniping and shooting skill. If you are just starting out with sniper games or if your aim REALLY sucks, you may find yourself stuck in the first couple of stages. BUT don't worry. With a little practice, you should be on your way to disposing watermelons, beer bottles, flying birds, and other snipers in record time.

There's just one quibble I have with the game: when you shoot the very last enemy in the game, the timer should STOP. BUT heck! It keeps on ticking for at least 3 seconds more or so. This is quite frustrating since it makes it impossible for you to finish the level with 15 seconds on your clock and bag 3 stars. The last time I checked, it takes 6 seconds to get the job done in the last level - 2 seconds for the sniper to appear, a second to aim and shoot, and 3 seconds for him to die. With 20 seconds allotted in the level, you will end up with 14 seconds on the clock... a second short of bagging the 3 stars. This is a very small caveat though and it shouldn't take the FUN away from the game.

As for cheats, well, they are way less than in the previous game. There are only 3 cheats in Bullet 2: (1) 4126 - This gives you with unlimited ammunition. (2) 3312 - If you want fast flying bullets that dispose enemies within a blink of an eye, this is the code to key in. (3) 0981 - If you want to be invulnerable, this is the code to use. Cheats take out A LOT of fun from the game. Perhaps that's the reason why the developers decided to keep the cheats in the second game at a minimum.

Well, enough talk people. Time to get sniping and shooting with Bullet 2!