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CamperWars Desert Ops Instructions

Aim your weapon using the mouse. Fire your weapon by pressing the left mouse button. Reload your weapon by pressing 'r'. Switch weapons using 'space'. View the options menu by pressing 'p'.

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CamperWars Desert Ops is a unique and engrossing online sniper game that will keep you playing level after level. The graphics are fun and entertaining. Your goal is to take out all of the targets you need to take out to progress to the next level. This excellent game keeps you on your toes with targets ducking out of buildings, between pillars and behind various obstacles. As the game progresses it gets more and more difficult to take out your targets. You will need to alternate between weapons, using weapons with scopes for far away targets and handguns for closer targets. The great thing about this game is that, unlike most sniper games online, you aren't shooting enemy soldiers or anything of that nature. Your target is literally a target; a head and torso cutout with two targets marking the kill shots on the head and chest. You need to hit at least one of those targets exactly to kill the target. The fewer the shots the better. Reloading takes time and some of the targets move fast. If you let five targets pass, your game will end so you can't afford to waste time reloading.

When you start out in CamperWars Desert Ops you are given a M1 Garand as a primary weapon and a glock as a secondary weapon. As you progress in the game and earn more points, however, you will unlock more weapons. You unlock weapons as you gain more experience points. The secret to gaining experience points is to get head shots as often as you can, look for bonuses like rubber duckies, and avoid letting any of the targets pass to safety. The more weapons you unlock, the more options you will have to take out the targets. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses so when you unlock a weapon try it out and see how it works. You can select two weapons for each level; your primary weapon and your secondary weapon. Choose weapons that work well together. Choose a good close range weapon for your primary weapon and a good long range weapon for your secondary weapon. Mix and match to see what works best. The best thing about this game is that, unlike many other sniper games online, losing the game doesn't mean you have to start over from the beginning. Instead, you can simply choose the level you failed and try it again. You don't lose any of the progress you made in the game and can continue on as if you didn't fail at all.

CamperWars Desert Ops is a great online sniper game that offers something for everyone. While the game might be a bit difficult for someone new to sniper games, the beginning levels are fairly easy to pass and will give beginners a chance to get the hang of the controls of the game. More skilled or experienced players will love trying to get enough experience points to unlock new guns even if they find the actual game play a bit simple. The game definitely gets much harder as the game progresses and to pass later levels, you will need to get the hang of using long range weapons in addition to short range weapons. This is perhaps what makes this game so challenging but also so much fun. Those that aren't big fans of gore or animated violence will like the fact that they can play a challenging sniper game that doesn't involve either of those things. Overall, this is a great game everyone should try at least once.