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Carnival Showdown Instructions

Aim your shot with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Zoom in on a target by pressing 'z'.

Carnival Showdown Walkthrough

Carnival Showdown is one of the most unique sniper games online, combining cute graphics and several different entertaining carnival based challenges that will require you to put your sniper skills to the test. Each challenge will present you with a new obstacle you need to tackle if you want to get a decent score. The real goal of this game is to get the best score you can get for each challenge, allowing you to get the best possible overall score at the end of the game. This isn't always easy, but in this entertaining and engrossing game, it's always a lot of fun.

In Carnival Showdown you are presented with the option of four different skill sets; beginner, rising star, sharpshooter and showman. You only have a limited number of shots to use in each level - 15 in the first level - so you need to aim and shoot carefully. The number of shots you have left is shown on the bottom left of your game screen, which also shows you how much time you have left. On the bottom right you'll see how many points you have earned in each level as well as how many points you have earned for that skill in total. The great thing about this game is that you will play through the game on each of these skill settings; allowing you to hone your skills a little more as the game increases in difficulty. You begin by shooting paper targets which will give you varrying numbers of points depending on which ring you hit them in. Get 10 points if you hit the target in the center. You will need to hit each target five times for the target to be removed. Use the zoom option to get a better look at the target and to more carefully aim your shot.

After you've completed the paper target level in Carnival Showdown you will move on to the moving targets level where your target is a paper duck. This level works basically the same as the paper targets level except the ducks are moving. When the duck reaches the end of the line and disappears, it will reappear on the other end again so you don't need to worry about losing the shots you've already hit it with; meaning, if you've hit a duck three times before it disappears, you will still only have to hit it twice more before it is removed. The smaller duck on the very top row is a bit harder to hit. Use zoom to draw it into focus and aim your shot that way. You might not be able to get the points you want, but you should at least be able to avoid wasting a shot.

The next round after the moving targets round is the bottle round. This is the first level in Carnival Showdown that is played outside so it is also the first level in which wind comes into a play. The wind will throw your shot off so pay attention to how strong the wind is and what direction it is blowing. You'll see the wind indicator in the bottom left of the screen next to where you will see how many shots you have left. The direction of the arrow indicates which direction the wind is blowing. The number tells you how strong the wind is blowing. You will need to adjust your shot according to that information. This might take a few tries to get the hang of, but with a little patience, you'll figure it out. Wind also comes into play in the last level where your challenge is to shoot the tin soldiers that pop up throughout the level. While in other online sniper games the enemies that pop up will shoot back at you, that isn't the case in this game. In this game, the soldiers that pop up won't shoot. Your only challenge is to shoot them. You'll get extra points for headshots, but the wind can make getting a head shot quite difficult. As you did in the bottle round, you need to keep an eye on the wind and adjust your shots according to the direction and strength of the wind. The difference here is that side screen scrolling also comes into play here. Your game screen extends out to the curtains on either side of the screen. To scroll to the side to see the rest of the game screen, simply move your mouse to the side of the screen. The tin soldiers will pop up everywhere, so you'll need to keep scrolling. Use the zoom feature to get a better shot at the soldiers.

The truly unique thing about Carnival Showdown is that it gives you the chance to play increasingly difficult skill levels. If you start out at the beginner skill level, you will advance to rising star then sharp shooter and finally showman. If you start at rising star, you will progress through sharp shooter and then showman. This allows you to get more of a challenge as the game goes on as well as giving you the chance to sharpen your skills in each different level. You will play through all four levels in each additional skill set allowing you to become more familiar with them. This gives the game a whole new dimension and makes it a lot more fun and a lot more addictive. Overall, this is one of the best sniper games online simply because it is so different from all of the other sniper games offered while still being challenging and entertaining. Try this one out if you are looking for something other than the typical shoot 'em up sniper game.