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Before you dive into professional sniper games and missions, this is the place to be - Chris Ryan's Sniper School. Coming at you with 3 different sniper training games, you can play as many training games and sessions as you want until you think you are ready to take on the mission. The control scheme of Chris Ryan's Sniper School is just like other sniper games out there. If you have a good and working mouse, you are good to go: move your mouse to aim your sniper rifle's scope and, when you are all set, just hit the left click button to fire away. That's about everything you need to remember about the controls. Onto the game!

Chris Ryan's Sniper School Walkthrough

Chris Ryan's Sniper School - as the name suggests, this is one of those sniper games that is all about preparation... preparation for the BIG mission. And to make sure you have what it takes to finish the up and coming task, there are 3 training games to get your hands on and polish your shooting and sniping skills:

(1) Fly Shot - in this training game, you have limited ammunition at your disposal. With flying targets to shoot, you need to be precise and careful... make every shot count! The further you are into this training game, the harder it gets as the number of targets increases while your ammo is reduced.

(2) Man Hunt - in the second training game, you need to keep targets at bay as they head towards you. If they reach you, you will lose a life. Once all of your life runs out, it's game over. With only four lives at your disposal, this can be very challenging especially to gamers who are new to sniper games. The further you are into the training game, the stronger, faster, and MORE regular the targets get.

(3) Shoot It Up - as the name of this training game suggests, you need to shoot the target to keep it up. The longer it stays in mid air, the higher your score gets. HOWEVER, if it falls to the ground, your score goes back to zero. The good thing, however, is that there is no time limit and you can shoot the target back up over and over again until you are satisfied.

Chris Ryan's Sniper School is a good mixture of the games 'Point Blank' and 'Time Crisis'. The training exercises are very similar to the former while the missions resemble Time Crises A LOT (blue enemies take one shot to dispose while the red ones take three). I was REALLY surprised at how good and enjoyable this game is... especially when you consider the file size which is at 851KB (or something). This means you get to spend more time playing and less on waiting as the game loads.

The graphics and design are really nice, especially the night vision part at the beginning of the mission. As for the audio, however, while it's OK, it's not that impressive especially when the enemies get shot. I'm cool with the reload system BUT some may find it a little annoying. I think the creator would have done a better job by... say assigning the space bar button for automatic reload. These are just minor caveats which shouldn't take away the fun from this sniper game.

As for the mission, I MUST say that it's REALLY challenging. I thought the 2 cannons I faced near the end were the BOSS. Needless to say, my butt was handed to me on a silver platter when I got to the real boss. There are no explanations on how to get rid of the boss whatsoever... which did a good job of stepping the challenge up by a notch or two. Actually, I defeated the final enemy by an accident. The MOST obvious thing to do is shoot the boss - perhaps somewhere in the body; maybe aiming for its head is better; or perhaps shooting its mouth to shut it down would cut the job... BUT it didn't!

As it turns out, you need to shoot the bombs not the boss. When the bombs explode, they deal damage to the final enemy and decrease his red life bar. Others may have experienced the same thing... spending hours and hours trying to figure out what to do. Some will surely find it frustrating, BUT I find it nice rather. You don't expect everything to be handed to you on a plate, do you? If you do, then you shouldn't play sniper games.

Summing things up, with 3 training games; nice graphics; good game play; and REALLY tough challenge, this is one of those sniper games that I would recommend. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.