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Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button.

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You know you're in for a good game when the only real complaint you hear about it is that it's too short. That's what you get with Clear Vision; often hailed as one of the most entertaining and most addictive sniper games online. The reason many people feel it's so much better than most of its competitors has little to do with the game play itself and everything to do with the story. The makers of this game have really taken the time to write a story that captures your attention and makes you want to know what happens next. You learn your character's back story and that gives the game a new level of intrigue. Basically, the back story is that you witness something horrible at a young age - the murder of your parents. You hide to escape the same fate but are discovered and are taken to a camp against your will. You are trained at this camp to be a skilled elite soldier until you escape. The game begins after you've escaped when you're working as a hit man. Your goal in the game is to accept and complete missions as you learn more and more about your character's dark and tortured past leading up to the game's shocking end. This is a game you're going to want to beat and with a little patience, you can.

More experienced players are going to blow through Clear Vision fairly quickly as it's much shorter than most of the other sniper games online. The missions can be a little on the difficult side, but nothing a serious player hasn't encountered before. Take a few minutes between missions to look around the house. You can watch TV and read the newspaper with the stories often relating to what's happening in your game. You don't really learn anything that will help you complete your missions but these little details can make the game quite a bit more entertaining. Newcomers to sniper games, on the other hand, are going to find this game a little on the hard side. Remember though, there isn't a single mission in this game that can't be beaten. If you fail a mission, you're given the option to retry it. Retry that mission as many times as you need to in order to get it right. It might take a few tries, especially for later missions, but you'll get it eventually.

The key to completing all of the missions in Clear Vision isn't necessarily to have the best shooting skills as it often is in other sniper games. The key to beating this game is paying attention to your mission statements. It's important that you only take out your target. Killing a civilian will result in a failed mission. There is always a clue in the mission statement as to who your target is. They might be wearing a certain type of hat or they might be carrying something that will identify them. That clue will always be there. If you don't take the time to read your objective before you start the level, you run the risk of taking out the wrong person. In later levels, you will have more than one target. This will require quick shooting. If you shoot one person, it's almost guaranteed the other person will run. In some cases, though, that won't be the case. There might be a certain order you need to take your targets out. Look for the target that is the least visible to the other targets and take them out first. That way, you'll be far less likely to alert the others to your presence.

Overall, Clear Vision is an entertaining sniper game that will keep your attention from the intro to the very end of the game. Although the narrative in the game can be a bit lengthy, take the time to watch the videos. They give the game depth and add to the story. The ending of the game is fairly shocking but will leave you wanting more. You'll want to know what happens and will want to immediately dive into the next game to learn more. This is a great series that starts with a bang and keeps building steam with each game that follows. This is a must play game for any sniper game fan regardless of skill or experience level. Although more advanced players are going to find the actual game is a bit on the easy side, the story more than makes up for it and will keep you entertained.