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Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Look through your scope (zoom in) using 'space'. Reload your weapon using 'r'.

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You may think the Clear Vision series ended on a high not with the incredible satisfying ending to Clear Vision 2, but there is no walking away from life as a hit man for Jake. With Clear Vision Elite, this series has really brought their A-game and has given fans of the series the game they've been waiting for. This game is difficult, addictive and incredibly fun to play. The story is a little light in this one but that's more than made up for with the difficulty level the game offers. Those that have gotten used to easy games with great stories in this series might be a little disappointed, but for anyone just looking to play a good sniper game, this one is definitely a great option.

Clear Vision Elite is presumably set sometime after the end of Clear Vision 2. Jake is still a hit man but he's definitely moved up in the world since the last time we saw him. He has climbed the ranks in the hit man world to become one of the most feared hit men in the business and has clients lining up for her services. In fact, he has a list of names he has to take out but accomplishing those goals isn't always going to be easy. Different missions have a different levels of difficulty. If you've got experience in this series or with sniper games in general, this game shouldn't be all that difficult even if the missions here are a bit more difficult than the missions in the preceding games, but newcomers are probably going to have a hard time with some of the more advanced missions. The key to making it through for any player is paying careful attention to the mission objective. Read it and try to find any clues about your targets. In most of the missions, your target will be in close proximity to civilians. You need to make sure you don't take out any innocents or you'll fail your mission.

Clear Vision Elite has the same basic setup in the beginning of the game, but it does look a bit different than the other games in the series. First, unlike all of the games that have gone before it, this one is in color. In fact, the graphics have been improved significantly. The game looks better but still plays smoothly so even those with computers that have a hard time with high graphics quality will be able to handle this one. There are also new controls in this incarnation of the game with the addition of a zoom scope and a reload function. Jake's apartment also now has a 'shop' in addition to the usual 'kitchen' and 'office' options. You'll go to the office and click on the computer to view game instructions instead of your new missions as you would in the older games in the series. To start a mission in this incarnation, you'll go to the kitchen and click on the gun and list on the table. Click on the list and choose your mission.

Unlike most of the other sniper games online, Clear Vision Elite allows you to choose any of the missions the game offers right from the beginning. You don't have to complete missions to unlock the next one so you can choose one that offers the challenge that you're looking for. This game, however, also adds the ability for the player to earn money that can be used on weapon upgrades. Some of the more difficult missions will require you to have better weapons, so it's a good idea to do a few of the easier missions first to earn a little cash for upgrades before you tackle the harder ones. Failed missions cost you money and will make it harder for you to get the upgrades you need to do well in this game. Read over the basic information about the mission before you commit to doing it. To do that, just click on the mission and look at the information on the right. It will give you an idea of what you'll have to do, show you how much money you'll earn for the mission, how many enemies there are, how many civilians there are and will also give you the difficulty level. Look for the missions you're confident you can handle with your basic weapon and go from there.

Overall, Clear Vision Elite is one of the most addictive and entertaining sniper games online that is more than an apt follow up to the first two games in the Clear Vision series. Your goal is to complete all of the missions to help Jake earn his retirement, but will he take that retirement if you reach the end of the game? You'll have to beat all the missions to find out. The greatest thing about this game is that it offers a shooting range to help newcomers to sniper games hone their shooting skills. You'll have to be careful in this game - not only to take out your enemies but to find out how to take out your enemies. For example, when you face off against Tony Carter - the magician - you'll have to be a bit creative. Shooting at him directly will only make him disappear and will cause you to fail the mission. Look for other ways to take him out - perhaps by using the power lines over his head. If you want to complete all of the missions in the game, you'll have to not only buy new weapons but will also have to buy upgrades for your basic weapon and your new weapons. If you continually fail a mission, click the 'choose a new weapon' link on the fail screen. This will let you access your arsenal. Look for a more appropriate weapon. Chances are you just aren't using the right gun for the job. This is a game that can't be missed for any fan of the Clear Vision series or any fan of sniper games in general.