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Dreadlord Instructions

Point and click to aim and fire at the angry villagers swarming your home - if you manage to shoot them in the heart, they'll turn into zombies due to your necroplasmid ammo. Zombies will fight on your side and take out villagers - convert the whole town into zombies to beat the game.

Dreadlord Walkthrough

Using your necroplasmid ammo, you'll have to fend off the angry village mob from taking over your home in this sniper game. Make sure you make as many heart shots as possible - they turn villagers into zombies, helping your cause and improving your chances of survival.

So, at the start of the first round, you'll only have to fight off one villager. After he (or she) has been killed, you'll be taken to a screen that pops up in between rounds - where you'll be able to purchase upgrades, new items, and you'll even be able to hire zombie snipers (eventually, when you have enough points). You'll have to wait for a lot of these upgrades since you purchase them with your points, but they are indeed worth waiting for.

As long as you have a huge stockpile of ammo, some patience, and are good at sharpshooting, you'll make it far in this sniping game. Try and make as many zombies as you possibly can - otherwise, the game will be that much harder. Besides, it wouldn't be that much of a sniper game if you didn't make any difficult shots, so there's no reason not to try and make as many zombies as possible.

Overall, Dreadlord is a cool, different sniping game. Not only are zombies fighting on your side, but when you have enough points to hire one, you'll be able to get zombie snipers - something unique to this game, and this game only. And that makes this game worth playing on its own.