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Foxy Sniper 2 Instructions

Foxy Sniper 2 is just like other sniper games: use the left click button to shoot and move the mouse to aim. The space bar button is for zooming in and further with your sniper rifle. Use the arrow keys to control your spy mosquito. That's about everything for the controls. Onto the game!

Foxy Sniper 2 Walkthrough

A sniper chick that's foxy... foxy enough for this game to be called Foxy Sniper 2 - this is the character you play in this sniper game. Just like in most sniper games, you are to complete missions assigned to your in Foxy Sniper 2... and you better read them closely if you want to have a good shot at completing the in-game tasks.

One thing that makes this stand out from the bunch of sniper games in the internet is that it's filled with customization and training options. If you are easily bored by other sniper games that just throw a sniper rifle and a host of missions at you, play this flash-based game for a change!

The Shooting Range: As you can tell from the controls (which is a little more intricate than others), there's a lot of stuff you need to learn before you dive into the missions. And to get started in the right direction, there's the shooting range. Within this place that is run by Lucky (not his real name), you can practice your precision and gain experience in the process. Along with that, you also get to choose the weapon you want to practice with. You can practice with your sniper rifle or you can choose to train with an explosive RPG7.

My Room: This is your own personal space in the HQ. Of course, every foxy chick - sniper or not, needs some privacy. Anyway, in this section of the game, you can access portraits of people related to your missions and other stuff. HOWEVER, you need secret codes to access different portions of your computer. These codes will also allow you to jump from one mission to another... and also play for top secret missions.

The Armory: As the name suggests, this is where all of your weapons are stored in. Managed by a fella named Charles, you can return to this room to have a look at the weapons you want to use in your missions. Along with that, you can also choose to upgrade them for better precision and more firepower. There are 3 weapons in the armory:

M40 Sniper Rifle - This is military and police version of the Remington 700 rifle. The M20 is referred to as a "weapons system". It's not just a sniper rifle, it also comes with a detachable scope as well as other useful accessories.

RPG7 - It's rugged, it's low cost, it's simple to use, and best of all, this weapon is very explosive! It's been a popular choice in almost all conflicts. If you want to take out multiple enemies in a single swoop, this is an excellent choice.

M16 Automatic Rifle - This is the last weapon in your armory. This is one of the most efficient and most commonly seen rifles especially in movies.

Science Department and Briefing room - these are the other rooms / sections in the game that you need to interact in. I HIGHLY recommend that you check each of these out, and know what they are for before you dive into the missions.