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Headshot Instructions

The control scheme of Headshot is as standard as sniper games go. The game is played with the mouse and space bar button: move your mouse to aim, press the left click button to zoom in (and press it again to zoom out), and hit the left click button. That's all you need to know about the controls.

Headshot Walkthrough

An special anti-terrorist personnel armed with a sniper rifle and high-tech goggles that are good for 3 (!) eyes - this is the role you play in Headshot. I have already briefed you about the controls and in case you are still having trouble picking that up, the first 2 levels of the game are easy enough for you to practice your newbie sniping skills.

The objective of the game is as straightforward as it could get. You are given missions and you need to complete them by taking out targets... and FOLLOWING the instructions closely. You got to follow your mission's briefing otherwise, you fail the mission. For example, in one of the levels, you need to take out the power-supply and the maintenance guy beside it... and all the while, you need to leave the primary terrorist target alone. You got to save shooting him for the next level.

If you fail to comply to the mission's instructions, if the target gets away, it's game over for that level. You can choose to turn back the time and restart the level... or you can choose option number 2: to quit the whole sniping job because the pay is too low for your taste.

Just like in other sniper games, you can't afford to be trigger happy in this game. If you shoot one of the civilians, you fail. Also, there are many levels where the target will quickly pass by... and you got to be fast in taking him / her out. It's not just precision that matters BUT speed as well.

That's especially true for one of the levels where you need to take out 5 security guards. The fact that the security guards are too far apart is already bad enough. BUT guess what: they are also pretty quick at notifying others and sounding the alarm once you start shooting. This is compounded even more by the fact that you cannot shoot without zooming in! What sucks is that you can't easily change your sniper scopes view / angle while in zoom mode. You got to zoom out, zoom in, take out the next target, rinse and repeat until you kill each and every one of the guards. And that takes a lot of time... enough time for any of the body guards to sound the alarm and botch your mission.

Oh! And one last reminder - you cannot shoot any part of the target except the head. You can shoot his ear, aim for his forehead, or even just the tip of his hair as long as it's part of his head. You will get the same reaction and take him out. You cannot shoot his limbs, chest, legs, and everything else in between.

That said, you shouldn't fire unless you can aim for his head especially in crowded scenarios. That's a good way to accidentally hit a civilian and flunk the mission. There's also a 1-second reload time (without going out of scope) after firing your rifle. In situations where the target is on the move, that's about enough to let him escape. Be VERY sure you will hit the right target when you press the left click button!