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Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper Instructions

Point and click to solve puzzles when you're not using your sniper rifle - but beware of hazards and dangers that lurk around every corner. When you're sniping, simply aim with your mouse and shoot by clicking the left mouse button. Jack Van Cell is kid-friendly, so he's only shooting darts - but that doesn't mean you can't make a headshot - so don't be afraid to go all-out.

Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper Walkthrough

Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper is a sniper game that's kid-friendly - there's no way around it. Instead of using real, live ammunition, Jack Van Cell prefers darts; you're not killing enemy guards, you're just knocking them out. But, then again, sniping games aren't exactly what you would want little kids to be playing, so it's safe to assume that Jack Van Cell is a safe alternative to other gore-ridden sniping games.

The game is easy enough - there are two types of levels: levels where you aren't sniping, where you're solving puzzles, and levels where you're popping off darts like it's nothing. The sniping levels are enjoyable, the scope is easy to aim with and it handles well; the puzzle levels are a little bit more difficult though. For example, after the first round of sniping, it's up to Jack (more like you, the player) to turn off an electric power generator. If you click on it, he'll touch it, die, and you'll have to restart the level.

So, using your logical thinking skills, you'll have to click on a dumpster, climb onto a roof, etc. You get the picture - the only annoying thing is that if you make one simple mistake, and Jack dies, you'll have to restart the level. This was really the only annoying part of the game, though - everything else, as far as gameplay goes, is solid. And for a kid's game, the sniping aspect of this flash game is pretty sweet.