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Lock N' Load Instructions

Your city is under siege. You are the only one who stands between the enemy army and your territory. A sniper equipped and hardened with battle experience, you need to eliminate all of your targets using your tried and tested sniper rifle... and you need to do it without getting caught and in time. If you have played sniper games before, then playing Lock N' Load should be a piece of cake for you. Using your wits and your mouse, you need to eliminate all of the targets in the area: (1) move your mouse to move your rifle's scope and aim it at the right direction. (2) Zooming in is as easy as pressing the space bar button. To zoom out, just press the button again. (3) To shoot, just press the left click button. When you take out a target, other enemy units will be alerted of your presence. You need to hide at the time of alert and to do just that, just press the A button. Once the tension has subsided a bit, hit the S button to get back into the action. Oh! And one last thing, when you run out of ammunition, just press the R button to reload your rifle and get on with your thing.

Lock N' Load Walkthrough

Lock N' Load is one of those sniper games that somewhat reminds me of Time Crisis - one of the more popular shooting games you would find in video arcades and amusement parks. In Time Crisis, when enemies from left, right, and center start shooting at you, you can step on the foot pedal and hold it down to hide. When you have that tiny chance to retaliate and get rid of the enemies, just remove your foot from the foot pedal and start shooting.

Lock N' Load comes with a very similar feature... the ONLY differences are: (1) you are playing and shooting with a sniper instead of a pistol and (2) you hide in times of alert and come out to shoot using the keyboard. BUT essentially, the game play is the same. By the way, READ the instructions and controls. This is very important. You see, I saw a nice Skip button and didn't get to read the whole thing. I didn't know that zooming with the space bar button is VERY important. I ended up shooting without scoping, which is impossible. To make matters worse, I didn't know what to do when the enemies were alerted of my presence. So I just kept shooting... hoping that I could take them out before they can fire back. The end result? I lost my first 3 tries on the game. Save yourself from such trouble and read the controls / instruction notes.

There is little doubt that A LOT of effort has been put into making Lock N' Load. The covering part of the game made it more exciting and challenging. The art work, while it could use some more improvements (in the detail department specifically), is done nicely. The only minor quibble that I have about the game is that the second level seems buggy. I killed every single target - soldiers, cameras, snipers, and everyone else on the list. HOWEVER, I still can't win it! To fix it, I had to reload the game and start all over again. While just a minor caveat that shouldn't take the fun away from the game, this is still quite annoying and may turn off casual gamers and sniper games enthusiasts. All in all, HOWEVER, Lock N' Load is one of those sniper games that are SOLIDLY made... scoring decently in all departments - design, difficulty, game play, and everything else in between. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.