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Rating: 3.97/5 stars (122 ratings)

One Shot One Kill Instructions

Make every shot count! Aim with your mouse and fire by clicking the left mouse button; press and hold the Z key to zoom in with your scope, press and hold the X key to zoom out. Mission briefings will give you hints as to what you're supposed to do - some missions may not seem as simple as they appear to be.

One Shot One Kill Walkthrough

One shot one kill is a chic sniper game - it's definitely got artistic direction - and a ton of blood. Besides eliminating your targets, you'll have to take out any witnesses; you'll get your hands dirty while playing this sniper game. The first level you'll play is easy enough - you're given an easy target, a man sitting next to a fountain, so just shoot him; it's a good level to get used to the controls with.

But after the first level, the difficulty progressively increases. As previously mentioned, you'll have to take out witnesses, and you'll have to wait until the perfect moment to take out some of your targets. This makes for some great gameplay, though, and the graphics of One shot one kill definitely make it stand out from any other sniping game.

Although the gameplay of One shot one kill can be found in a lot of other sniping games, the style and graphics won't be found in any other game. It's what makes the game - it adds to the difficulty, and it makes everything look cool. The effects of your sniper scope look cool too, although it probably gets in the way more than anything else. Overall, One shot one kill is a fun game to pick up and play - but don't get surprised when the later levels start getting really difficult. If you can't pass a level, try anything you can think of - in the second level, you'll just have to shoot a ton of times at a boat, to sink it - so almost anything goes in this sniper game.