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Operation Chakravyuh Instructions

Aim with the mouse and fire with the left mouse button.

Operation Chakravyuh Walkthrough

Operation Chakravyuh is an excellent and engrossing online sniper game that puts you in the role of a sniper trying to take out the terrorists who have claimed what was once an abandoned military barracks. Indian military forces cannot approach the barracks because of highly trained snipers posted in the look out points surrounding the perimeter of the barracks. It is your job to take out those snipers one corner at a time. It sounds like a fairly easy job, but these terrorist snipers have their wits about them and are more than willing to take you out if you give them the chance. This is where the real challenge lies; taking out the snipers without getting taken out yourself. It isn't an easy job but someone has to do it and that someone is you.

You begin each round in Operation Chakravyuh in observation mode. Click on 'snipe' to begin the round and take the time to survey the situation before you. Some corners of the barracks will only have one or two snipers posted. Others will have several more. You need to take out all of those snipers without getting yourself killed. When you take out a sniper, another sniper will spot you. Find the sniper that has spotted you and take him out right away. You only have fifteen seconds to do so or you will get shot and the level will end. The good news is that at any one time, only one of the snipers in the level will spot you so you only need to worry about one at a time. The bad news is that once you take out that sniper, another one will spot you. You will have fifteen seconds to take out that sniper. It will continue on that way until you take out all of the snipers in the level or until you are killed.

The trick to progressing in Operation Chakravyuh is to pay attention to what state the snipers are in. There are two states an enemy can be in; idle and alerted. Your goal is to take out the alerted sniper and the alerted sniper only. The alerted sniper will have a lightbulb icon over their head. This is the enemy that sees you. This is your target enemy. If you shoot an idle sniper, you will alert all of the rest of them and the level will be over. This element makes the game different from most of the other sniper games online. You need to be quick, but you also need to pay attention. It isn't a matter of determining which enemy is most likely to have seen you, but paying attention to the state of the sniper to see which one actually does see you. The time limit adds an extra level of difficulty and, as you progress in the game and reach later levels, makes the game incredibly challenging.

Overall, Operation Chakravyuh is one of the best sniper games online simply because the different elements of the game combine to make an extremely challenging experience. While there are other sniper games that are more difficult, the very fact that you need to pay attention to the details of the game takes this one to a whole new level. Unlike other games is this genre, missing a shot means almost certain death. There are no second chances. You need to find the enemy that has spotted you and take him out within fifteen seconds, without sacrificing the accuracy of your shot. The story of the game is great, the graphics are entertaining and the game is difficult. The rules are easy enough to understand that newcomers won't feel overwhelmed while experienced players will find a good challenge in the unique setup of the game. This is a must-play game for any sniper game fan regardless of skill or experience level that will keep you playing until the very end.