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Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 Instructions

Aim your sniper rifle with your mouse - click the left mouse button to fire. When it's safe for Panda to move, click on the walkie-talkie button. If you're trying to unlock everything in the game, keep your eyes open for a duck while playing - there's one in each level, and once you've shot them all, you'll get a special bonus.

Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 Walkthrough

Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 is a sequel to the popular sniper game Panda - Tactical Sniper. And, like the first game, your first and foremost objective is protecting Panda from any kind of danger. To prove that you're ready for this mission, the first level you'll play through will consist of shooting targets - there's four of them, total, and you'll have to shoot everyone to make it to the next level.

Unlike the first game, Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 has much better achievements and gameplay elements. Sometimes, in the first game, mission briefings were vague and it was sometimes difficult to figure out what to do. Now, in Panda - Tactical Sniper 2, you'll be able to make contact with Panda (via walkie-talkies) when you want him to move. You won't have to wait for the game to catch-up, and you'll have a lot more fun playing through cooler levels.

Panda - Tactical Sniper 2 isn't your typical sniper game. You're protecting your panda, not taking out targets like an assassin, but it's still fun. The game doesn't rely on violence and gore to be stand out; it's simple, clean fun, and the gameplay is as solid as any other sniping game. Overall, the clean graphics, unique gameplay, and puzzling levels will be a challenge to any gamer. If you're looking for even more of a challenge, try and complete all of the levels with an awesome rating - it's easier said than done.