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Phantom Sniper Instructions

Just like other sniper games, Phantom Sniper is played entirely with the mouse. If you know how to point your sniper scope to your enemies and click, you are good to go. That's all you need to know for the controls. Let's check out the game.

Phantom Sniper Walkthrough

A 3 round sniper game where you assume the shoes of a rogue soldier who joins the Kenzu army, a group of rebels who want to take over Japan. HOWEVER, after realizing that you are not getting anywhere with them, you decided to quit and have a normal life.

BUT here's the problem, one does NOT simply leave the Kenzu Army! And as a payback for you quitting their organization, they went after your family and killed them all. Looks like you have no choice but to get back into the whole sniping business. BUT this time, your goal is totally different: to eradicate the Kenzu Army!

That's where the story and game begins - Phantom Sniper! The background story is nice, BUT then that's not what we are here for. It's for the action and fun brought by taking out people without them knowing using your tried and tested sniper rifle. And this sniper game does a good job in giving you a fun game play.

The Main Goal: The game's objective is very straightforward. You need to take out your targets that are specified in your mission's briefing. HOWEVER, you are severely outnumbered and you can't afford to blow your cover. You need to follow the guidelines in the mission briefing. Otherwise, you will fail... and your quest for retribution will be abruptly stopped.

There are a couple of reminders that you have to keep in mind. To start off, as you shoot down your targets, you need to keep an eye on your Phantom Gauge. This is a green bar that slowly runs out every time you draw attention. You need to shoot as few times as possible. You want to lower the risk of getting caught as few times as possible. Oh! And of course, you need to complete your mission.

I found the game odd and hilarious at the same time. Let's start with the odd part first:

I don't know if I'm going to be dismayed or happy about it - but this game is set in a society where exploding heads are not enough to get the attention of someone who is eating his dinner. Yeah, he'll just munch away on his meal.

Also, the demolition guys are quite indecisive. When a hollow explosion happens behind them, they can't seem to make up their mind whether to check what happened in the explosion or run for their lives. The drug dealer is the only one who knows... or rather sane enough to run when an explosion or attack happens!

Now the fun part: for a sniper game that has a quite serious background story, the conversation and events in Phantom Sniper are quite hilarious! I don't know if it was intentional or what. I really don't care. It's comedy gold no matter how you look at it.

Now it's time for the very brief walkthrough in this game. The first scenario is a piece of cake so I won't dig further. For the second scene, you need to shoot that dangling weight above the businessman in the middle. That's it.

For the third scene, you just need to burst down the tires of the car and you are good to go. The 4th scene requires that you shoot the bomb-carrying guy, the fella on the right, and then the one on the left in that ORDER. And for the final scene, you just have to shoot the helicopter on the right part of its nose.