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Professional Sniper Instructions

Man, the life of a Professional Sniper is demanding... BUT it's just as rewarding. With your tried and tested sniper rifle and scope, you need to find, identify, and eliminate one HIGH profile target after another. And to top it off, you need to do so in a way that your mission's briefing tells you to do so. YES, being a sniper isn't just about zooming in with your scope and shooting down people. You better know how to read and follow instructions down to the T if you want your budding career as a Professional Sniper to see daylight. If you have played sniper games before, playing Professional Sniper should be ABC easy for you. As long as you have a good and working mouse, you are good to go: (1) aim by moving your mouse and (2) make the shot by pressing the left click button. That's about everything you need to know in the controls department. Now let's get to the REAL meat of this game guide... the levels in Professional Sniper!

Professional Sniper Walkthrough

A Little Rant: To be honest, the graphics and design of this sniper game is anything BUT spectacular. It's as simple as it could get. After all, it's a stick figure game, too. HOWEVER, what it lacked in the 'visuals department' was more than compensated for by the game play.

Let's cut the chase and NOT beat around the bush. This hybrid of stick figure and sniper games genre is a very challenging game to beat... especially if you are the sort who Rambo's into a scene with your heavy artillery and shoots down everyone in sight. That won't cut it in this game. You need to be precise in taking out your targets. And if you are having a hard time beating this game, don't worry. Right here, you will find a step-by-step and 'stage by stage' walkthrough. Coming at you with 10 stages that are increasing in difficulty, this is one of those sniper games that will keep you busy for quite some time. Anyway, onto the walkthrough!

Stage 1 At Bill's: This one is easy and straightforward. See that guy in the blue cap who is smoking right next to his car? Yeah? Shoot him down and you beat the level.

Stage 2 Neighborhood Thief: This one needs some good dose of patience. You have to wait until almost everyone leave the place. Out of the doors, you will find a bearded man. Wait until he reaches and takes out newspapers. Shoot him down before he leaves the area.

Stage 3 Noisy Neighbors: We all hate noisy neighbors. Good thing, the Professional Sniper can shut them down too. Shoot the lamp, the television set, and lastly, the sound system to keep the quiet, let everyone have a good night's sleep, and finish the level.

Stage 4 Walk in the Woods: How would you dispose a target without actually shooting him? Simple. Wait while your target is under the branch. Once he is at the right spot, shoot the branch so it falls on the target.

Stage 5 On the Highway: See that black car? Shoot the man in it. You better be fast as he will leave the area unscathed if you are not fast enough at pulling the trigger.

Stage 6 Strelka: Dispatch all of the 5 ninjas before the signal is shown. The ninjas are hiding in the boxes right beside the building (2 of them); behind the billboard (2 of them); and one of them is hiding behind the largest window in the building.

Stage 7 Last Stunt: I'm not too sure why a professional sniper would need to dispose a stuntman. BUT anyway, wait until the stuntman warms up before pulling off his last act. When he starts his jump, shoot him. There are some good spots to shoot him while he's in mid air.

Stage 8 Countryside Visit: Shoot the first kidnapper who appears. Right after dispatching him, the second one will appear and he is behind the car. Shoot him down and take out the last of the bunch of is enjoying his last cigarette right next to the red car.

Stage 9, Bad Habits: Time to get rid of your target's bad drinking habits for good! Wait for him until he reaches Joe's Bar. When he starts drinking, shoot him and you beat the stage.

Stage 10 The Professional: There are 9 targets in this final and hardest stage. Do NOT let anyone escape. The best way to go about it is to shoot down the fastest guys first. The fastest targets are those in red caps. Finish them off then take out the guys in blue caps, white, and green caps respectively. As for the targets in pink caps, don't worry about them. Once you have dispatched the others, you can always go back to them. YES, they are that slow!