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If you have played shooting and sniper games before, getting things rolling in Rabbit Sniper should be a piece of cake. As long as you know how to use your mouse (aim with it and shoot with the left click button), you are good to go. HOWEVER, as it turns out, that's just the tip of the ice berg. Let's have a closer look at Rabbit Sniper.

Rabbit Sniper Walkthrough

I don't know where the game author got the idea, BUT this is one of those sniper games where humans are the target and the rabbits rule. The game play is very identical to Ricochet Kills' flow. Ricochet Kills got A LOT of rave reviews, and naturally, Rabbit Sniper also gets plus points for its game play. Everything about Rabbit Sniper is quite nice except for one thing: the music and sound effects. What's worse is that even if you mute the sounds and music, there's still an annoying and repetitive sound in the background. Bottom line, if you want to play the game minus the annoying audio, you are left without a choice BUT to switch your speakers off.

Just like other shooting and sniper games out there, you need to kill targets... people in particular, to advance to the next level in Rabbit Sniper. That's not too surprising. The surprising and hard part, however, is that the bullets ricochet. YES, you need to fire your bullet in a way that it will bounce in the right direction and hit multiple targets. While you can shoot your targets directly (especially in the early stages of the sniper game), your targets' locations get harder and harder to reach. Many of them are situated somewhere where you cannot land a clear shot... forcing you to shoot from an angle.

Summing things up, you need to have some knowledge of angles in this sniper game. YES, this is necessary for killing your immobile BUT well hidden targets. And I thought math and geometry classes would never be useful in REAL life. Many casual gamers found Ricochet Kills quite frustrating, and I won't be surprised if the same bunch would frown at Rabbit Sniper.

To make matters even more challenging, there are no indicators or index at all that would tell you where the bullet will go... something that would hint you where it will bounce off. YES, you are working from scratch with every shot you make. There's no help whatsoever and you need to use your intuition and imagination VERY well if you want to get far in this game.

And guess what: if you are thinking of just firing away Rambo-style in hopes of getting the right angle for your shot, I'm sorry to burst your bubble BUT that won't work. You see, you have limited ammunition. You can't be trigger happy in this sniper game and you should make every shot count. When you run out of ammunition, it's game over and you need to restart the level.

If you are looking for sniper games that will help you put your knowledge of geometry to good use, Rabbit Sniper (along with the sequels in the series) is a very good recommendation!