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Save the Witness Instructions

Save the Witness is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. The spacebar toggles between viewing mode and scoped mode. When scoped, use the Z and X keys to zoom in and out respectively.

Save the Witness Walkthrough

Save the Witness is a sniping game that will make you use your wits as well as your skills as a shooter. Save the Witness features stick figure graphics, simple controls, and an intriguing storyline.

Save the Witness places you in the role of an expert sniper. Your goal in this sniper game is to protect the witness of a high-profile assassination so that he may testify in court. If you succeed in a mission, you will go on to the next; if you fail, you will have to retry the mission. You are given an unlimited number of chances to retry each mission. Your progress will not be saved if you quit the game, however.

The mouse is used to aim and to shoot in Save the Witness. Press the spacebar to turn your sniper scope on and off. When scoped, you may use the Z and X keys to zoom in and out. You cannot shoot without being scoped in this sniper game.

Various missions have various objectives and parameters that must be met, but keep in mind that the main objective is to keep the witness, the stick figure with a red bow tie, alive. Specific objectives and hints are given in a briefing before each mission, so be sure to read the text in its entirety. Not all missions involve scoring headshots, so use your brain to figure out a solution. Do not be ashamed if you have to retry a mission a few times before figuring out what to do; remember that you have an unlimited number of attempts on each level.

With only seven stages, Save the Witness is a rather short sniper game that can be beaten within five minutes by skilled players. Despite its brevity, Save the Witness is still a challenging and entertaining sniping game!