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Scope: First Blood Instructions

Aim your sniper rifle with your mouse; click the left mouse button to fire. Hit the M key at any time to mute sound and in game music. Follow the instructions and briefing of each mission; complete each job with accuracy, but most importantly, do it neatly. If you're a good enough sniper, you just may unlock some achievements.

Scope: First Blood Walkthrough

Scope: First Blood is quite a violent sniper game. It throws in blood, you'll have to shoot targets you don't necessarily want to shoot, and you'll have to work for some ruthless employers. But the game is about shooting - not morality - so when you're on the first level make sure you've gotten the hang of aiming and shooting. The mission objective of the first level is to send a message - and you'll have to shoot the jogger's dog to send that message. Funnily enough, after you've shot the dog, the jogger will keep running - dragging the dog; so won't feel as bad.

Next, you'll have to stop a pool party - and kill everyone along with it. To accomplish this, simply put a couple of holes into the pool, shoot the stereo, and wait for the water to seep towards the electrical source. You'll electrocute the pool guests, and you won't have to actually snipe anybody. The missions continue in this fashion - you'll have to figure out some kind of trick or puzzle, and each level may take a couple of tries before you get it right.

But, if you are a sharpshooter, you'll want to complete each level the right way, the first time you try it. If you looked at the achievements menu at the start of the game, you'll see that there's an achievement for never failing a mission - probably the hardest achievement to get. But that's how this sniping game goes - and if you're up to the challenge, the game is ready for you.

Overall, Scope: First Blood is cruel, violent, and desensitizing - but that's why we love it! If you like sniping games, you'll be at home here and if you like figuring out intricate puzzles, then Scope: First Blood is the game for you.