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Sift Heads 2 Instructions

Sift Heads 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Aim and shoot by using the mouse. Press the spacebar to reload your weapon. Press other keys when prompted to complete missions.

Sift Heads 2 Walkthrough

Sift Heads 2 is the first sequel to the assassin game, Sift Heads. Sift Heads 2 features improved graphics over its predecessor, new weapons, and an upgrade system.

The goal of Sift Heads 2 is to complete missions assigned by a man named Ben. To take on missions, click on the button labeled "Ben's Office". From here, you will be issued a briefing describing your target and giving other hints to help you to complete your mission. Unlike the first Sift Heads, your progress is saved in this assassin game, so you do not have to complete it in one sitting.

Another difference between Sift Heads 2 and its forerunner is the fact that you get to choose which weapons you use. You start off this sniper game with no guns at all and will have to buy one from the shop. Ben gives you five hundred dollars to start. With this low budget, you will only be able to afford the Beretta M92. Buy it and embark on your first mission. Be sure to revisit the gun shop after future missions to improve your arsenal. Keep in mind that you can only take one of six guns on missions, so read your briefings carefully and choose the right weapon for the job!

Your first mission in Sift Heads 2 is to kill an old mafioso before he can make his flight. Before the actual assassination, you will have to deal with an interactive cutscene of your character speeding to the airport. Press the appropriate arrow key as it appears on the screen. Failure to act fast enough or pressing the wrong key will result in failure. Once you have made it to the airport, wait for the target to appear on the jet bridge. When the grey-haired man appears, shoot him to complete your mission.

Sift Heads 2 is a major improvement over the first Sift Heads that fans of the original will certainly enjoy. Lock and load, and remember to aim for the head in this sniper game!