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Sift Heads 4 Instructions

Sift Heads 4 is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with objects, to aim, and to shoot. Press the spacebar to switch weapons.

Sift Heads 4 Walkthrough

Sift Heads 4 is the fourth game in the Sift Heads series of assassin games. Sift Heads 4 goes back to the core of the series and is a true sniping game rather than a beat-em-up like Sift Heads 3.

Sift Heads 4 once again puts you in the role of Vinnie, a dangerous mob assassin. Having defeated your adversaries in Chicago, you now set your sights internationally. There are eight locations to choose from, each with their own set of submissions. Locations can be chosen in any order, but a location's missions must be completed in order. Your progress is saved in this sniper game, so you can continue your operations the next time that you play.

Sift Heads 4 uses a typical sniper game control scheme. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. The spacebar is used to switch between weapons. You can choose up to two weapons to bring along on each mission of this assassin game. You start the game with a lowly budget, only enough to buy an AK-47 or Beretta. I advise you to choose the AK-47 due to its larger magazine size.

I advise you to choose Egypt as your first location due to its relative ease. This location consists of two missions. The objective of the first mission, "A Good Offer", is to intercept the two leaders of a weapons dealing group before they can deliver their munitions. The leaders of the group are the two men riding camels. Wait for the trucks to pass by and the camel-mounted men to appear. When they do, dispatch them with headshots and you will complete the mission.

The second mission in Egypt is entitled "Broken Bottles". In this mission, you must eliminate a weapon merchant's contact. You must first dispatch of the turban-wearing men. Be sure to do this quickly, or you will fail the mission. Once these three targets are dead, eliminate the primary target, the man behind the bottles to the left of the screen. From hre on out, you're on your own. Good luck in this sniper game!

Fans of the Sift Heads series will be happy to know that sniping is back in this assassin game series. Make the world yours in Sift Heads 4!