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Sift Heads 5 Instructions

Sift Heads 5 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move, aim, and shoot by using the mouse. Reload your weapon by pressing the R key. Switch to aggressive mode by pressing the spacebar. The spacebar is also used to skip cutscenes.

Sift Heads 5 Walkthrough

Sift Heads 5 is the fifth and final game in the Sift Heads series of assassin games (this excludes the Sift Heads World series). Sift Heads 5 features the best graphics of the series and includes adventure game elements.

After an introductory cutscene, Sift Heads 5 places you right into the action. Your initial objective will be to kill the two men in the car ahead of you. Fire a few shots into the windshield to break it, then shoot both the driver and the passenger in the head to kill them. After this, you will be given your first mission (this will be discussed later, after going over the controls of this sniper game). It should be noted that your progress is saved, so you can choose to load and continue your game the next time that you play.

Sift Heads 5 is primarily controlled by the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with various objects and people (including your lover for "healing", no, really, that is how you heal in this assassin game). The mouse is also used to aim and to shoot. If you need to reload your weapon, press the R key. The spacebar puts you in aggressive mode. Aggressive mode is automatically toggled on when you get into firefights, but if you want to draw your weapon on innocents, you may use this command.

Your first objective is to put an end to the Ghost Gambler's winnings, permanently. First, click on the leftmost door to leave your room. Click on the bottom of the screen to enter the lobby, then click on the bottom of the screen again to go outside. Click on your car to access the travel menu. On the travel menu, hover your mouse over buildings until you find Mikie's Bar. Click on it to drive there, then enter the bar.

Go upstairs where a group of four men are sitting at tables. Click on the right side of the screen and talk to the lady. Whether you choose to pay her or not, the same thing will happen, so keep your money and kill the four men who will now draw guns on you. Mission accomplished! Wait, that was a side mission. Go back and talk to the lady; she will now tell you the Ghost Gambler's whereabouts. You're off to a great start in this assassin game. Persevere and you will eliminate your prey!

Sift Heads 5 ends the assassin game series with a graphical bang, but the gameplay seems lackluster compared to Sift Heads 4. If you are a fan of the series, then you may enjoy Sift Heads 5 for the completion of the storyline, but sniper game traditionalists may be disappointed.