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Smoking Kills Instructions

Smoking Kills is controlled by using the mouse. Aim and shoot by using the mouse.

Smoking Kills Walkthrough

Second-hand smoke is an annoyance and can even be a killer. Smoking Kills is a sniper game where you can claim vengeance against inconsiderate smokers; since their second-hand smoke is harmful to you, it is legal self-defense, right? (Please note that this logic applies to the game, not real life!)

The goal of Smoking Kills is to assassinate the designated targets given in each briefing. Pay close attention to the briefings in this assassin game since they provide details that will help you to identify your targets as well as give you hints that will be helpful for completing your objectives. Your progress is automatically saved, so you will play from the mission that you left off on the next time that you play. You will not be able to replay previously-completed missions without deleting your game data, so be sure to do everything that you want to do right the first time that you complete a mission, or you will end up having to start over from scratch.

The controls of this sniper game are very simple. Use your mouse to aim and to shoot. The first mission is also very easy, and requires little thought. Your briefing states that your target will be standing in an alley, smoking a cigarette. There is only one target; shoot them in the head and you'll be done! It should be noted, however, that there is a playing card to the left of your target. Shoot the card first to collect it. There is one card hidden on each of the nine levels of this assassin game. Try to find them all for a secondary challenge!

Weapon upgrades and items can be bought between missions of Smoking Kills. I advise you to upgrade your magazine capacity first, since it will allow you to shoot more rounds before having to reload. The other upgrades are not very useful, but the wooden stock is useful later in the game when you are deployed to Russia.

Smoking Kills is an assassin game with simple controls, a cute sense of humor, and enough puzzle elements to make it challenging. Infecting Truth isn't good enough; infect lead in Smoking Kills!