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Snipedown Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Press '1' for a mortar strike. Press '2' for an artillery strike. Press '3' for an air strike. Press '4' for a big bomb.

Snipedown Walkthrough

Snipedown is an excellent war based sniper game in which your goal is to protect your base. The levels start off fairly easy but get much more difficult as the game progresses but that's what makes the game so much fun - and so addictive. The graphics are pretty basic, but what really sets this game apart from other online sniper games is the tools you have to use. You don't just have your rifle, you also have a ton of upgrades to make your weapon better, turrets you can purchase to help defend your base and four additional weapons you can use to further defend your base; mortar strikes, artillery strikes, air strikes and big bombs. This makes defending your base much easier but the focus is still on your skills as a sniper.

In Snipedown, the health of your base is shown via the green bar at the bottom right of your screen. Keep an eye on this as you play. You do not want to allow that green bar to empty. As you play, though, your health will regenerate but it is a gradual process so don't rely on that regeneration to get you through the game. Kill enemy troops and destroy enemy vehicles to get experience points which can be used to purchase vital upgrades. To buy upgrades, simply click on the 'upgrades' button on the far left of the bottom of the game screen. You can purchase upgrades at any time; either while in the midst of battle or just before another wave of enemies attacks. You can upgrade your weapon and your base, but the turrets you can buy from the upgrades screen are among the most beneficial tools at your disposal. Don't worry if you don't have the experience points to spend on the more expensive turrets to begin. Instead, buy less expensive ones and replace them with heavier firing turrets down the line. You'll need them once the jeeps start rolling. Keep in mind, you can only have three turrets at a time, so buy wisely.

The best way to advance in Snipedown is to simply take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. This game provides you with a lot more in the way of defense options than the typical sniper game would, so use them. Buy turrets, upgrade your weapon, upgrade your tools and then shoot as many enemy soldiers as you can. Sure the turrets will take out a lot of bad guys, but you need to thin out the herd too. Don't sit back and rely on the turrets and your special tools to defend your base. This is a sniper game after all. You need to make sure you shoot as many enemy soldiers as you can and take out as many enemy vehicles as you can or you're not going to get very far in the game at all. First, you need those kills to get more experience points for more upgrades. Second, turrets can only handle so much. Third, your special tools need time to regenerate so you can't use them over and over. This game really comes down to good old fashioned sniping with a little extra thrown in to make the game more interesting.

Overall, Snipedown is one of the most involved and fully featured sniper games online. Experienced players may be surprised to find how much more enjoyable this game is just because it's added some extra fire power. The special weapons and upgrades also make this game ideal for novice players as they will get more of a chance to hone their shooting skills. All in all, this is just an excellent sniper game that everyone should give a shot. Don't be surprised if you find yourself coming back to this one time and time again.