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Sniper Assassin Instructions

Ahhh, sniper games - don't we all love them? Out of all the shooting games, sniper games are the most thrilling in my opinion. One takes joy, not in how many enemies he has killed BUT how few bullets and how stealthy he is in the process. Anyway, the controls of Sniper Assassin is very straightforward. Just like in most first person shooters and sniping games, you only need to use your mouse and the left click button...and of course, keep your hands steady to make sure you beat the levels. Let's take a closer look at the game.

Sniper Assassin Walkthrough

Stick men figures and games are simple and fun. Sniper games, on the other hand, are thrilling, gets your blood rushing especially when you are about to take that one and only shot you can make to take down the enemy. And when you combine both, you get: Sniper Assassin! If you have played Sniper Assassin before and found that it's a little beyond your budding sniper skills, don't worry! Read on and I will show you how to get past Sniper Assassin (well, most of the stages only)...

Sniper Assassin - Mission One Level 01

For this mission, you need to eliminate Mr. Johnson. He just came back from watching a baseball game. That's the key - he went to a baseball game. See that guy with a baseball cap? Take him out and it's mission accomplished. It's as easy as that!

Sniper Assassin - Mission Two Level 02

Now, for this mission, you need to take out the traitor. And he just came back from a trip to China (I wonder what he was doing there). Anyway, have you found the words China Airlines? Yeah? Excellent. The first guy that leaves that plane is the traitor. Get your fingers ready and shoot him right away the moment he steps out of the plane.

Sniper Assassin - Mission Three Level 03

For this mission, you need to kill the traitor inside his mansion...BUT you need to do so without alerting anyone. Patience is a virtue in this kind of missions. Wait until the guard is some distance away from their boss. After that, blast the head of that guy who is sitting in front of t he computer.

Sniper Assassin - Mission Four Level 04

Time to kill another traitor! Now, you have to take out the last one. The prisoners are arranged alphabetically. The traitor's last name is Geofovitch. Nah, their name plates are too small to see so you better start counting. The 7th guy who walks out of the building is the traitor. Do the counting right, take him out without any hassle, and you should be OK and move on to the next mission.

Sniper Assassin - Mission Five Level 05

If you got this far, then congratulations! It's neighborhood clearing time! There are guards around so you need to take care of them first. Start on the upper floor, and on the left hand side part. Take out the first guy on the left and then right. Move on to the upper floor right hand side and do the same - take the guys out starting from left to right.


Nah! Do you think I'm going to reveal everything? Of course NOT! That's NOT fun. So I'm leaving it all to you. Are you skillful enough to finish the first part of Shawn's journey?