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Sniper Defense Instructions

Point and click with your mouse and left mouse button to take out invading monsters - hitting bomb monsters in the back will cause them to explode - so don't always go for headshots; try and go for a monster's specific weakness. Once you've completed a round, you'll be able to select an upgrade - but choose wisely, as you'll only be able to get so many.

Sniper Defense Walkthrough

Sniper Defense is a wacky sniper game - you're able to choose your sniper out of a roster of mishmash aliens; each has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The game emulates traditional video games - you'll feel like you're playing a console video game, like something along the lines of Super Nintendo - the graphics, sound, and music all can account for this.

But beyond aesthetics, Sniper Defense offers more action than any other sniper game you've ever played. Instead of just trying to pinpoint one target, with a certain amount of stealth and secrecy, you're going to be shooting as much as you can and try to kill as many targets as possible. You'll start out the first few levels killing bomb monsters - these monsters should be shot in the back (because they're attached to bombs, remember?), instead of the head.

As the rounds go on, different types of enemies will be introduced, and you'll have to increase your accuracy unless you want monsters to trample into your base and destroy it. Some monsters and aliens will only be distractions - you won't even have to shoot at them - while others can cause massive amounts of damage, so it's best to stay vigilant.

Overall, Sniper Defense offers solid action gameplay while having an old school feel with its music and presentation. If you're into sniping games, then you'll love this one; if you're into old school games, then Sniper Defense is worth checking out because of the music and graphics alone. Try and kill as many monsters and aliens as you can - and once you've gotten tired of the character you picked, try out another sniper - they each have unique strengths and weaknesses.