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Sniper Duty Instructions

Shoot as many enemy soldiers as you can in this WWII based sniper game. Aim your pistol with your mouse; click the left mouse button to shoot. Hit the spacebar to switch to your rifle - you'll get a scope and be able to make much more accurate shots. Make sure you're hitting somebody when you're shooting - the main point of this sniping game is to keep your accuracy as high as possible.

Sniper Duty Walkthrough

Based on the popular FPS franchise Call of Duty, Sniper Duty is a sniper game that's great in small doses. And, since it only comes in small doses (3 rounds, 60 seconds each), it's a lot of fun. You'll start out each round with a full clip of ammo and a pistol - but there's a small problem. You can't make accurate shots with the pistol - at all. So, hit the spacebar and switch to the rifle; you'll have much greater accuracy, and when you can't find any targets, switch back with the spacebar, and then zoom back in to finish the job.

Each level will have a horde of running enemy soldiers - it's up to you to take down each one, hopefully getting a headshot each time. If you can't, don't worry about it; just make sure that you're hitting something - since the game, as previously mentioned, is all about keeping a high accuracy. If you've ever played Call of Duty before, then you'll probably recognize some of the maps in the game - since they're directly based on them.

Overall, Sniper Duty is a fun sniping game - for a few minutes. But, since the whole game itself is only a few minutes long, it's a perfect game to play whenever you're bored. Try to beat your best accuracy and high scores - and, for an added challenge, try and see how high of a score you can get with the pistol - although it probably won't be very high.