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Sniper Hunter 5 Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Zoom in on a target and shoot with the left mouse button.

Sniper Hunter 5 Walkthrough

Sniper Hunter 5 combines the mystery of hidden object games with the fun of sniper games to create one incredible game that will challenge you and keep you entertained from beginning to end. The goal of each level is to find all of the snipers hidden in the picture and take them out. That is much easier said that done; especially in later levels. If you love sniper games but find hidden object games too difficult, you want to consider another game because this one is really the best of both worlds and if you want to progress, you really need to be good at both. You'll need to be able to find the snipers, or at the very least, most of them, or you won't be able to get through the game.

As you progress in Sniper Hunter 5, the number of snipers you have to find increases and so does the difficulty involved in taking them out. In the beginning, though, the game is fairly easy. The number of snipers you are required to find is shown at the bottom of the game screen. For example, if you see five sniper icons at the bottom of your screen, there are five snipers hidden somewhere in the picture and they can be anywhere. As you move through the levels, however, finding the snipers gets harder because they begin to duck behind things; only popping their heads out for a moment of two. If you think you see a sniper behind a tree, for example, but it is gone by the time you get them in your scope, keep the tree in your sight for a few seconds. That sniper may reappear. Usually, the top of their head will still be sticking out, so keep an eye out for that as well. Shooting the snipers gets more difficult too and takes on more of a sniper game feel. Hidden snipers will be further away and you will need to target them exactly. Sometimes the snipers will be moving, running back and forth which will make it much harder to shoot them.

Sniper Hunter 5 is really more of a sniper game than a hidden object game simply because it isn't a matter of finding the snipers, clicking on them and moving on to the next level. The fact that you need to shoot them makes it much more difficult than your average hidden object game, but the fact that you need to scour elaborate pictures to find them makes it much more difficult than most online sniper games. If you've played Sniper Hunter 4, the predecessor to this game, you already know how difficult this game really can be, but in a lot of ways, this one is a bit less challenging than the game that preceded it. In 5, the creators have given you the luxury of one hint per level. Since you only have one hint you will need to use it carefully, but the fact that there is a hint at all, makes the game a bit easier. I would recommend saving your hint for when you absolutely need it. An unused hint will not carry over to the next level, but using it too early may mean you can't make it to the next level at all. Some of the snipers are nearly impossible to find. If you save your hint for one of those more difficult snipers you'll get much further in the game.

There are several upgrades in Sniper Hunter 5 that can make your rifle better which makes the game a little easier. You can earn points to upgrade your scope size, scope style and zoom which will all help you progress much further in the game much more quickly. Use the points to upgrade each of the items to new levels. You'll need to have all of these things upgraded to at least level 2 or higher (definitely make your scope size higher than level 2) if you hope to get passed the game's final level. It's a tricky one. Keep an eye out for pigeons. Shoot the pigeons to scare them away and you will earn extra points. You'll need all the extra points you can get to upgrade your weapons to where you need them to be.

Overall, Sniper Hunter 5 is one of the best sniper games online simply because it isn't afraid to be challenging. Finding the snipers will almost always be difficult but the challenge is what makes this game so exciting. It is different from most of the other sniper games online which will also make it appealing to experienced sniper game fans who are tired of the same basic premise and want something more unique. Fans of hidden object games will also have a good time with this one simply because it adds a whole new level of challenge to the typical point and click controls offered by most hidden object games online. This game is frustrating though. If you lose your temper with games quickly or get frustrated easily, this may not be the game for you. It does take a bit of patience, but it is well worth it when you make it to the end.