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Sniper Tournament Instructions

Sniper Tournament is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to aim and left-click to shoot.

Sniper Tournament Walkthrough

Sniper Tournament is a fun target shooting game. This sniper game features detailed graphics drawn from a first-person perspective, excellent audio, and challenging gameplay.

Although this game is named Sniper Tournament, for some reason, you are given a pistol. In each mission of this shooting game, a target will pass by from left to right or right to left. You may shot the target three times on each pass to score points. After each pass, you will automatically reload your pistol to shoot the target when it passes by again. After the target has passed by four times, the level ends, so you get up to twelve shots for each level. If you meet or surpass the quota (adjacent to the word "Mission" in the lower-left corner of the screen) then you will advance to the next level; if you fail, you will lose the game and have to start from the very beginning.

Sniper Tournament rewards ten points for shooting the target dead-center in the bullseye, and one less point for each circle outside of the bullseye that you your shot lands in. As you progress in this shooting game, the number of points that you will need to score will increase, along with the movement speed of the target.

In order to pass each level in Sniper Tournament, you will have to be both accurate and quick. The first levels are easier since the target moves slowly, but the movement speed of the target will increase in later levels. I advise taking a shot even if you are not sure that you are properly lined up. Even if you do not hit the bullseye, you will still score some points. It's better to shoot all three shots in one pass of the target to score a few points than only shooting one or two shots and missing out on the points that you could have scored by shooting all three. In fact, you are more likely to score more points with three shots that are off-target than a single bullseye in this shooting game.

Sniper Tournament is a simple yet challenging shooting game. Given Sniper Tournament's shallow learning curve, it is a game that casual gamers are sure to enjoy.