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Sniper Year 2 Instructions

Aim your shot with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Zoom by pressing 'space'.

Sniper Year 2 Walkthrough

Sniper Year 2 is one of the most difficult online sniper games simply because of the missions you need to complete. Experience sniper game fans will likely have little problems making the shots, but understanding who you are supposed to take out and how you are supposed to take them out can be a little difficult. The missions can be complicated and you need to complete them exactly as directed, only taking out your target and only the way you are instructed, or you will fail the mission. Reading the mission briefings carefully is a must in this intense and suspenseful sniper game.

In Sniper Year 2 you are given a score based on the accuracy of your shot. Hitting a primary target gives you 100 points. In most cases, the head of your mark is considered the primary target so making a headshot will give you 100 points. Hitting a secondary target gives you 50 points. The secondary target is a body shot. You will be able to take out a target with a body shot, but if you're going for a high score and not just to complete the game, you need to try to make headshots as often as possible. That isn't always easy though. To get a headshot, use your scope to get a better view of the target. Aim carefully. There is usually no time limit on a level so you can take your time. It will make all the difference.

Carefully identify your target in each mission in Sniper Year 2. If you take out an innocent person, you will lose the level. You can retry a level as many times as you need to complete it, so if all else fails, try the process of elimination. Some levels, however, will require you to do more than just shoot someone. You may have to use stealth to avoid being spotted. Breaking windows or alerting people will cause you to fail the mission. If you need to use stealth carefully survey the level. There will be a way to get through the mission and take out your target without alerting anyone, but sometimes you really need to look for that way. You can shoot just about anything in any level. Look to see if there is a way to draw out the target. If your target disappears behind something, see if you can shoot the obstruction to remove it to give yourself a clear shot. For example, in one level you are asked to take out the captain of a yacht without hitting any innocent civilians. The captain (he's the one in the captain's hat) is hard to get a clear shot at while the yacht is moving but he is obscured when the yacht comes to a stop. Shoot the chain holding the obstruction (carefully) and it will fall, giving you a clear shot at the captain.

The graphics in Sniper Year 2 are excellent. They aren't so over-the-top you are distracted from the task at hand but are definitely enough to keep your attention. The game isn't so graphics intensive that it lags or doesn't run smoothly but are detailed enough that they aren't bland and boring. The level of interactivity the game offers is one of the biggest benefits of the game. This one goes above and beyond the typical 'aim and shoot' format most online sniper games follow. You have to use your head to figure out how to complete your mission. You need to use logic and careful thinking. That's what makes this game so much fun and also what makes it so difficult. Newcomers to sniper games might have a bit of difficulty making the shots, but more experienced players shouldn't find that part of the game terribly difficulty. Figuring out the missions, on the other hand, if often a different story.

Overall, Sniper Year 2 is a terrific game every fan of sniper games should play at least once. The combination of logic and careful shooting makes for an addictive and engrossing game everyone will enjoy regardless of skill or experience level. The missions are difficult but not impossible and the story is interesting to follow. The game gets moe difficult as you progress and there are likely going to be levels you get stuck on, but with patience, this game can be beaten.