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Sni[p]r 2 Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button.

Sni[p]r 2 Walkthrough

Sni[p]r 2 is one of the most fast paced, intense sniper games online, loaded with tons of stickmen attackers to take out and even some tanks all in defense of your wall. You begin the game standing on top of your wall with a sniper rifle to take out the stickmen attacking your fortress. The action is fast and intense, and you'll need to shoot quick if you hope to prolong your game. The game is over when your wall is destroyed so you need to keep the stickmen and the tanks from destroying it. This is much easier said than done.

There are two levels of difficulty to choose from in Sni[p]r 2, easy and hard, but regardless of which level of difficulty you choose, the game is going to be challenging. Games in both difficulty settings start of rather easily but get much harder very quickly. Tanks are very difficult to deal with; requiring you to use several rounds of ammo to take them out and inflicting large amounts of damage on your wall if you fail to take them out. The difference is, in easy mode, you will encounter one tank at a time in the beginning of the game. That isn't true of hard mode. In hard mode, once the tanks start coming, they'll often appear at least two at a time and usually with stickmen to boot. The smartest way to handle this sort of scenario is to focus on the tanks, starting with the one closest to you. Fire one shot into each of the tanks then repeat the process starting with the first tank again. You'll need to be fast and may end up taking a bit of damage from the front tank but you'll reduce the chances of taking damage from all of them. Deal with the stickmen once the tanks are gone. They don't deliver nearly as much damage as the tanks.

The best aid you have at your disposal in Sni[p]r 2 is definitely the upgrades. You can purchase upgrades with the money you get from killing stickmen. The amount of money you have is shown at the top of the screen right beside where you can see the current health status of your wall. Gather as much money as you can while trying to prevent damage to your wall and then click upgrades (also at the top of your game screen). Focus on upgrading your wall first. Upgrade it as much as your money will allow then start saving money for the next upgrade. If you want to make it passed the tanks, you need to have your wall upgraded. Upgrading your gun is great but of little use if your wall is weak.

Overall, Sni[p]r 2 is one of the best online sniper games simply because it is so fast paced. The graphics, premise and rules are all extremely simple and uncomplicated making it perfect for those that are new to this genre of game but different enough from other games in the genre to entertain experienced players. It is a difficult game but not difficult in a way the feels frustrating. Instead, the increase in difficulty as the game progresses only make the game more enjoyable. This is definitely a game any fan or sniper games needs to try.