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Stickshot Instructions

Stickshot is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboards. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. The spacebar is used to zoom in and out. The P key uses the phone to identify objectives. The S and W keys (or down and up arrow keys) hide and unhide respectively.

Stickshot Walkthrough

Stickshot is a stick figure sniper game presented by StickGames. This sniping game features simple graphics, easy controls, and five missions.

Stickshot features two modes of gameplay: Story mode and Survival mode. Story mode is the main course and features mission-based gameplay similar to most other sniper games. If you want to get a feel for the basic controls, I advise you to play Survival mode. Survival mode pits you against endless waves of enemies and is a good way to practice your marksmanship. The game ends when you are shot or run out of time. Extra time is gained if you manage to score headshots.

In Story mode, the objective is to eliminate designated targets. A comic-style storyboard is presented before each mission. Pay attention to the comic before each mission so that you can stay abreast of the mission objectives. You may also use your phone (by pressing the P key) to label targets. After using the phone, people marked in red are targets while others are innocent bystanders. Be sure to hide occasionally (using the S key or down arrow; the W key or up arrow key are used to pop up again) to avoid detection. If you are discovered or shot, you will fail the mission! If you fail, you will lose the ammunition that you spent but you will have the chance to try again. The game ends when you run out of ammunition and money.

Story mode of Stickshot allows you to buy superior weapons and accessories using money earned by completing each mission and scoring headshots. Be sure to keep your ammunition stocked since you don't want to run dry in the middle of action. I advise starting each mission with at least twenty-five rounds. After you have made sure that you have enough ammo, you may want to upgrade your weapon. It is a good idea to save up for the semi-automatic rifle since it will greatly improve your firepower. Accessories are not necessary, but may also help if you have enough cash to spare.

Stickshot is a fun sniper game with a unique presentation. Lock and load; it's time for vigilante justice in Stickshot!