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Stickshot 2 Instructions

Stickshot 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboards. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. The spacebar is used to zoom in and out. The P key uses the phone to identify objectives. The S and W keys (or down and up arrow keys) hide and unhide respectively. The B key is used to arm and detonate car bombs.

Stickshot 2 Walkthrough

Stickshot 2 is the sequel to the stick figure sniper game, Stickshot. Stickshot 2 features the same graphical style and gameplay as its predecessor and continues the story from where the first Stickshot left off.

Unlike that first Stickshot, Stickshot 2 does not contain a survival mode and focuses only on the story. Stickshot 2 features a variety of missions that are played in a linear path. Each mission has its own objectives. Similar to the first Stickshot, a comic segment is displayed before each mission which moves the story along and gives clues as to how to complete the mission at hand. You may also use the phone (by pressing the P key) to mark targets. After using your phone, people that have a red highlight around them are hostiles while other people are innocent bystanders.

Another difference that you may note between this sniper game and its predecessor is the health bar. In the first Stickshot, you would fail the mission if you were shot once; in Stickshot 2, getting shot will reduce your health bar. If your health bar is completely depleted, you will lose the mission and will be forced to retry it. The game is over when you run out of ammunition and money.

Like its predecessor, you may buy weapons and accessories before missions in Stickshot 2.The arsenal of three rifles is not incredibly impressive, but superior rifles have superior accuracy. It is best to save your money until you can buy the third rifle, skipping the second rifle completely. Also, remember to keep your ammo count up in this sniper game by buying additional rounds between missions.

Although the arsenal of rifles may not have changed much between this sniping game and its predecessor, Stickshot 2 adds car bombs to your list of available weapons. To activate a car bomb, press the B key. A random car in the area will glow in red t indicate that it is the car that will explode. Pressing the B key a second time detonates the bomb. You cannot choose the location of car bombs in this sniping game, unfortunately.

Stickshot 2 does not offer a huge improvement over its predecessor, but is a solid sniper game and offers more action for fans of the original. Vigilante justice continues in Stickshot 2!