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Stoneage Assassin is one of those sniper games that is played entirely with the mouse: move your mouse to aim, press the left-click to shoot, move it down to duck and take cover, and move it up to pop out of cover. That's everything for the controls. Let's take a look at the game.

Stoneage Assassin Walkthrough

So you love sniper games? Well, what about playing as a stone-aged sniper who's on a solo mission? Sounds cool? If that's your cup of tea, then you'll dig Stoneage Assassin!

It comes with all of the most common elements of sniper games: played on a first-person perspective, requires a lot of precision and timing, etc. BUT there's one fine twist. You are playing as a warrior from the stone-age (Captain Obvious strikes again, huh?). And instead of the usual Arctic Sniper Rifle that you carry in most sniper games, you need to take out enemies with super primitive long-range weapons - crossbows, the good and old bow and arrow, slingshots and stones, and those are just to name a few.

Premise Of The Game: One seemingly ordinary night, a band of hunters... a gang ravaged your village. They killed all the men who tried to resist and, much worse, took all of the women in the village... including your daughter! Now, with the tip-offs and weapons from a fellow villager, you need to go on a quest to avenge the village and get your daughter back. And trust me, it's NOT going to be easy!

Objective Of The Sniper Game: Ultimately, you need to save your daughter. BUT, you must not rush. If you have played sniper games before, the "do NOT rush...take your time and be precise" part is something you are already familiar with. In every level, you will have different missions. And it's VERY important that you read them.

"Your revenge will NOT be written with the blood of the innocent!" In case you didn't get it, that means you cannot shoot or harm innocent people. Do that and you fail the level... and you have to start it again. Now, here's the thing: the innocent folks and members of the hunting gang that attacked your village look VERY similar... except for one physical feature that I won't tell you about. You got to carefully read the briefing before diving into the missions if you want to know them.

Along with that, good doses of patience are necessary in this game. You see, your target won't show-up right away. In some levels, like the first level, you need to wait for like a minute or longer before the target shows up. And you better keep your focus up! Your targets, since they have the same physical features with the rest of the villagers and innocent folks around, mix very well with the crowd. Also, they won't stay have to be quick at spotting them, quick at taking them out, BUT careful enough not to harm anybody else.

One tip is to change the QUALITY of the graphics of the game from LOW to HIGH. This makes zeroing in on your target a notch or two easier.

Some Tips And Tricks:

- While you can take cover to avoid getting shot, it's better to take them out faster.

- Taking cover with many enemies shooting at you is almost guaranteed to kill you instead!

- Patience, quick sight, and precision - you got have these in good doses.