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Survive Crisis Instructions

So you have played shooting and sniper games before? Yeah? Well if you have, then playing Survive Crisis should be a piece of cake for you. Getting started with it is ABC easy. As long as you have a good and working mouse and as long as your hands are stead enough, you are good to go: (A) move your mouse to aim your sniper rifle in the right direction. (B) Once you are all set, press the space bar button to zoom in. (C) So you have found your target? GOOD! Hit the left click button and shoot! OK, now that we are done with the controls, let's have a closer look at the game.

Survive Crisis Walkthrough

Well, the sniper in Survive Crisis looks more like a lumber jack to me, who was given a sniper rifle, a soldier's uniform, and asked to smile and pose for the camera. A sniper should look intimidating and ready to kill. This guy doesn't. He looks more like an endorser for some commercial. Anyway, enough with that 'sniper who doesn't look like a sniper' rant. As it turns out, Survive Crisis is one of those sniper games that's above average and can provide you with serious doses of sniping and shooting fun for the hours to come.

The Story In Survive Crisis: Being an experienced and battle-hardened sniper, you have successfully infiltrated the enemy base. Armed with nothing BUT your wits, experience, and 'tried and tested' sniper rifle, it's up to you to dispose your foes from a distance.

True, you are alone BUT fulfilling your mission will go a long way in causing confusion among enemy ranks... which, in turn, helps your fellow soldiers survive enemy threats and put up a counter threat that will turn the tables in your favor.

Coming at you with 10 different levels that step up in difficulty, Survive Crisis will keep you busy shooting and sniping for a good hour or so. I think it would help A LOT if you know what's going on in the game screen.

First off, the field you are looking at won't reveal anything - you won't see your enemies, you won't see any movement... nothing whatsoever. To see if something is up, to see if there are targets within the area, you need to hit the space bar button to zoom in.

How many targets do you need to take out to move on to the next level? Well, that varies. HOWEVER, a quick look at the low right corner of the screen will tell you just that. One thing you should keep in mind, HOWEVER, is that time is NOT a luxury in this game.

Do you see that bar on the topmost portion of the game screen? Yeah? That's the timer. It will slowly run out and once it's down to nothing, it's 'game over' for you and you have to start the level all over again.

To keep the game's difficulty level manageable, the enemy soldier's don't fight back even if their ranks are being decimated by a single sniper. With that in mind, it's more of a 'hide and seek' game disguised as a sniper game. Oh, another tip to keep in mind: from time to time, dotted lines will appear in the field. This indicates where the targets will appear. So don't waste your time sniping and searching in other areas of the game screen.

Summing things up, Survive Crisis is NOT the best sniper game out there. HOWEVER, it's more than decent. If I would put it in a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it's a solid 7. Give the game a shot and see what I'm talking about.