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SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper Instructions

Getting started and playing SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper is a piece of cake. As long as you know how to use your mouse and as long as you know how to aim, you are good to go: (1) To get things rolling in the RIGHT direction, move your mouse to move your scope and point it in the RIGHT direction. (2) Once your sniper rifle is pointed at your target, press the left click button to fire. One last thing, there are missions where you have to work in the dark. In these missions, you need to use your Night Vision. Just press the down arrow key to activate it. That's about everything you need to keep in mind to play the game! Let's have a closer look at SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper.

SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper Walkthrough

Stick figure games are FUN... period! Sift Heads, Xiao Xiao, etc. - there's something about these simple-looking games that make them EXTREMELY addictive. Sniper games, on the other hand, have a more serious tone. If you are the sort of gamer who Rambo's in to the scene and shoots down everyone in sight, you may find sniper games to be quite slow. Requiring precision and care in shooting down targets, sniper games are like parking games in the car games genre... while slower, they are just as fun.

When you combine these 2 game genres in one neat package, SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper is the end-product! In this game, you will play as a highly trained sniper whose mission is to protect innocent stickmen by disposing the oppressive using your 'tried and tested' sniper rifle. Let me remind you, you cannot just come with your guns blazing in this game. You need to follow the mission's briefing. You just can't go around and shoot down everyone you see.

Without a doubt, SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper is one of the harder sniper games out there in the internet and it's NOT surprising why some casual gamers just can't beat it. Well, if you are one of those sniper games lovers who just can't beat SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper, here's a treat: a step-by-step... level-by-level walkthrough! If you think walkthroughs are for losers and sissies, fine by me. Go ahead and play the game instead. BUT if you ever get stuck in a level, don't forget to drop by this walkthrough for help.

Mission 1 - Suicide 101 - In the first mission, just wait for Mr. Anderson to raise his knife. When he does, shoot his hand that is holding the knife.

Mission 2 - Bank Hold Up - This level is easy and straightforward. See the bad guy? Yeah? Good. Just blow his brains out and watch blood and brain matter splatter all over the bank's floor. VIOLA! Mission accomplished!

Mission 3 - Hostage - Shoot down the bad guy. Once you have disposed him, shoot the door twice to unlock and swing it open. Last BUT not the least, aim for the hand cuffs and shoot it to set the guy free.

Mission 4 - Mental - There are 3 psychos in this level. You better act fast as they will shoot and kill the students if you act slowly. Shoot them all down and finish the level.

Mission 5 - Magic Dust Bust - Switch your Night Vision Goggles on by pressing the down arrow key. When you are done, take out the 3 bad guys and you beat the level and move on to the next one.

Mission 6 - Tagging - Apparently, your sniper rifle is also good for stopping vandalism. Shoot the cans that the punks are holding up and spraying with.

Mission 7 - Triads - Again, you need your Night Vision mode for this level. Switch it on, zoom in, and shoot down the guy that's hiding in the café.

Mission 8 - Chang - Switch your Night Vision goggles on. Shoot the wall and make the bullet ricochet and sink it into Chang's head.

Mission 9 - Vengeance - Switch the NV goggles on. See those explosives? Wait for the car to pass by, shoot it, and you beat the level.

Mission 10 - Skater Pimp - This one is short and sweet: shoot the support underneath the ramp to break the ramp.

Mission 11 - You're Kidding.... - Switch your NV goggles again and shoot when the target leaves the car.

Mission 12 - The 3 Musketeers? - See the black colored car? Blow that up by shooting it. You will see a guy emerging from it. Blow him up to finish the mission.

Mission 13 - Nutcase - Another psycho to deal with heh! Guide your bullet into the psycho's head. Be very careful however as you might hit the hostage.

Mission 14 - Nu Regime - To finish this level, you need to destroy the rocket using a guided bullet first. Once you have taken care of that, blow up the bazooka guy.

Mission 15 - Suicide Bombers - Two targets will appear from the bottom right section of the screen. Shoot the C4 pack by aiming for their torsos. Another target will appear after you have taken care of the first 2. Just do your thing. Get rid of him and finish the mission.

Mission 16 - Mr. Anderson - I'm not too sure if the target is a 'he' or a 'she'. In any case, the bad guy is holding a pistol and about to kill Mr. Anderson. Get rid of her / him to finish the level.

Mission 17 - Convention - This mission is quite buggy. You see, if you shoot the window twice, you will be taken back to the 15th mission. Here's the work around: shoot the window where the sniper is in. That would break it. BUT don't shoot it again. Instead, shoot another window. Only after that should you shoot the sniper to kill him. Next, a suicide bomber will appear. Shoot the C4 pack by aiming for the torso before any significant damage is done.

Mission 18 - Deliverance - If you have made it this far, then let me tip my hats off to you. Anyway, to beat this level, aim somewhere to the left side of the target and shoot. The wind will guide the bullet to the target killing him in an odd BUT still unpleasant manner.