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Target Barbarossa Instructions

Aim and shoot with your mouse and the left mouse button - hit the Q key to change the quality of in-game graphics, press the spacebar to clear your sight, and press the X key twice to exit a mission. The M key will mute in-game music.

Target Barbarossa Walkthrough

Target Barbarossa, a sniper game, consists of picking off enemy targets one by one. If you're up to the task, you'll be able to take out and assassinate spies, sympathizers, and any other immediate threats. With a World War II theme, Target Barbarossa has an enjoyable atmosphere that's noticeably different than most other sniper games.

And you'll have to be careful if you actually want to take out your targets - though each level starts out easy enough. At the beginning of the game, you'll have to complete the tutorial mission, but don't worry - it explains a lot, and you still get to shoot a few targets.

Whenever you aim at a person, your blacklist will come up; depending on the symbol and name of the target, you'll know whether to shoot them or let them be. If the target has a skull and crossbones symbol, it's up to you to take him out - on the other hand, if there's a police badge under the target, they're an important person, and you'd better protect him or her from any immediate danger. A question mark symbol can go either way, while a skull and crossbones symbol, crossed out, means don't shoot.

In addition to completing some high-tension missions, you'll be able to unlock medals and achievements depending on how much of a sharpshooter you are. If you can shoot a target in the leg, and then in the head, you'll earn the guillotine medal - but there are plenty more. This adds a great twist to this sniper game, and even after you've completed all the missions, you'll still want to earn and unlock as many medals as you can. It's what makes Target Barbarossa a fun sniper game, and it's what makes it worth playing.