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The Sniper 2 Instructions

The Sniper 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen will pan the camera. The spacebar is used to toggle your view. The M key is used to view the mission status and pause the game.

The Sniper 2 Walkthrough

After the events of The Sniper, the Allies have successfully established a beachhead after the D-Day invasion. In this sequel, The Sniper 2, you are once again placed in the role of a British Commando as the Allies push onward to take Normandy. Like its predecessor, this sniper game features superb comic book-style artwork, amazing audio, and challenging gameplay.

The general gameplay of The Sniper 2 is the same as its predecessor: find and destroy all of your objectives to proceed to the next mission. Each mission is timed by the white bar at the top of the screen. If this white bar fills completely before you are able to eliminate all of your targets, then you will lose this sniper game.

You are not the only sniper in The Sniper 2! Enemy snipers make their return in this sniper game, and behave just as they did in the first The Sniper. After you have taken your first shop, the red "Sniper Alert" bar will begin to fill and will continue to fill until you have killed all of the enemy snipers. If you allow the red bar to fill before killing all of the enemy snipers, then they will find you and this sniper game will be at its end for you. Once the enemy snipers have been dealt with, you can continue with completing your other mission objectives with ease.

The Sniper 2 does not present any major gameplay changes, but some enemies will move and try to take cover in order to evade your fire. Moving enemies adds a slight challenge to the shooting aspect of this sniper game, but the real challenge is still finding your targets. You also reload your rifle faster than in the first game, so you can shoot at a more rapid pace, which is very useful for dealing with mobile targets.

The Sniper 2 does not add much to the formula of the original The Sniper, but it is still an excellent sequel to the sniping game. If you enjoyed the first The Sniper game, then you will love the additional gameplay that The Sniper 2 has to offer!