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The Strangers Instructions

This is one of those sniper games that you really must check out... especially if you are a fan of the genre. Like other sniper games, it's played mostly with the mouse. There are other shortcut keys discussed in the Instruction Part so check it out.

The Strangers Walkthrough

Looking for flash based sniper games? There's an excellent title you should check out! The name? The Strangers! Just like other flash-based sniper games, this game requires a lot of patience, quick thinking, and a good deal of precision. Now, before we dig in, there are a couple of shortcut keys you need to know about.

Shortcut Keys: To change the view on your sniper rifle, press the number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4. As for zooming in and out (for more accurate shots), press the W and S keys respectively. For firing, well, you should know the drill by now: press the left click button. To reload your sniper rifle, press the Space Bar button. By the way, you only have 5 bullets at your disposal so you should be very careful before you pull the trigger. Make sure it hits!

If you are having a hard time in a level, if you have wasted a lot of bullets and there's no way you can beat it, press the R button on your keyboard to restart the scenario / situation. Also, it helps if you check out the map, this lets you know which buildings are located where. Just press the Q button to do so.

That's quite a bunch of shortcut keys. If you find it hard to pick up, there's always the in-game tutorial that will help you learn the ropes. Now that we are all done with the shortcut keys, let's take a look at some tips and tricks for this sniper game.

In The Strangers, you will be playing as Col. John Walker of the United States. Your job is to control a situation. Some folks... strangers don't like the democrat, M. Gamli, who is about to do a speech in Somali. You need to protect the democrat from strangers who are planning to assassinate him on the day of his speech.

If you are looking for step-by-step walkthroughs for this sniping game, I'm sorry but you won't find many. BUT I do have a good news: I do know the location of the stranger in position one. That assassin is located in the window that's on the building to the left. HOWEVER, I also have a bad news for you. I don't know where the strangers are located for the other positions. For position 2, the hardest guys to spot are located in the smaller window of the building, which is on the upper left. Some of them are also located in the center building. Lower your aim because of the glare.

A true step-by-step walkthrough is impossible because from here, the strangers appear in random locations. My advice? Take a deep breath, relax and keep your cool, aim for the target once you have them in sight, and pull the trigger! Also, while the strangers appear in random locations, they always seem to appear at a certain portion of the game screen. They may not appear on the same window all the time, BUT they will be just around that area. If you know these basic locations where they usually show up, you will have a leg up in the game!