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The Urban Sniper: Vengeance Instructions

The Urban Sniper: Vengeance is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The spacebar is used to zoom and the mouse and used to aim and to shoot.

The Urban Sniper: Vengeance Walkthrough

The Urban Sniper: Vengeance is the sequel to the sniper game, Urban Sniper. This sniper game features a wider variety of missions than its predecessor, utilizes stick figure graphics, and is very challenging.

The Urban Sniper: Vengeance takes place after the first Urban Sniper. Your objective in this sniper game is to avenge your father's death by killing Don Pedrito. Like in the first Urban Sniper, you will receive missions on your computer that you will have to complete. If you fail too many missions, are if you are killed in action, you will lose this sniper game!

If you want to succeed in avenging your father, you are going to have to pay attention to details in this sniper game. Before every mission in The Urban Sniper: Vengeance, you are given an e-mail with information vital to its completion. Make sure to read these e-mails thoroughly because they might contain hints as to whom to target and where they can be found. Once you have accepted your mission and enter the target area, you will have to pay attention to the bottom of the screen as your objectives will be listed there.

When you are sniping in The Urban Sniper: Vengeance, it is best to switch between scoped and lookout mode occasionally by using the spacebar. Being scoped allows you to see the details of the various figures that are in the area as well as snipe them with great precision, but your scope only allows you to see a small portion of what's going on. In lookout mode, you can view the entire area and see if anyone is running away or trying to kill you! If someone is out to get you in this sniper game, you will have only five seconds to shoot them first as indicated by a small red timer over your potential killer's head.

The Urban Sniper: Vengeance is an entertaining and challenging sniper game that requires a keen eye for detail. The only drawback to The Urban Sniper: Vengeance is that you cannot save your progress, and must start from the very beginning each time. Despite this minor flaw, The Urban Sniper: Vengeance is a sniper game that aims to please!