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Urban Sniper Instructions

Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Toggle between 'lookout' and 'snipe' modes with 'space'.

Urban Sniper Walkthrough

Urban Sniper is an addictive and engrossing online sniper game that will challenge you to shoot accurately and quickly to take out your targets. The game follows the same basic premise as many of the other sniper games online, but uses difficult missions and decent graphics to set itself apart from the pack. In this one, your goal is simple; complete your missions by finding and taking out your targets so you can become the Urban Sniper. That isn't always an easy goal to reach and as you progress in the game, accomplishing your goal gets even more difficult. Newcomers to the sniper game genre are probably going to have a bit of trouble while more experienced players might find it a bit on the easy side. Regardless which side of that line you fall on, you're going to have a great time playing this game thanks to the great graphics, the bonus points and the interesting way the game is presented.

To select a new mission in Urban Sniper, you'll click on the computer to retrieve your e-mail message. Read the message carefully. There will be clues in that e-mail to tell you how to identify your target. Accuracy counts toward your score and you only have a limited amount of ammo, so you have to be sure you're shooting the right target and not wasting bullets on innocents. For example, in the first mission, you have two targets you need to take out - Carlos and the person Carlos is meeting. The meeting is taking place in a public park so there are civilians everywhere. Reading the mission briefing will tell you the person Carlos is meeting will be in a car and Carlos will be wearing a cap. This will help you narrow down your options. First look for where the cars are while still in lookout mode. Once you see where the cars are, look for cars that seem to have people in them. Switch to snipe mode and look more closely at those cars. You'll have the right one when you see a person standing beside the car wearing a cap. You'll have to shoot them fairly quickly as shooting one will alarm the other and cause them to run. The smartest idea is to shoot the person in the car first. It's much easier to take out a person running away on foot than it is to take out a person driving away in a car. Once you have completed the mission, exit to the menu. If your mission was successful, the person who hired you will let you know. If not, you'll have to retry to mission.

The best way to do well in Urban Sniper is to focus on the important information in the mission briefing and take note of any information you're given that will help you identify your target. Miss a key piece of information and you'll fail to achieve your goal. This is fairly standard in most online sniper games, so anyone with experience in the genre should have little trouble with this. You'll need to have decent shooting skills too, though, if you want to do well. If you're shooting skills leave a lot to be desired, there are some missions in this game that are going to give you a lot of trouble. The key is to time your shots well if you're shooting at a moving target. Focus on the area just ahead of your target's head if they are running and shoot just before the reach your cross hairs. This will give you the best chance of taking out your target, but will also give you a bit of time to recover if you miss. Always pay attention to how many shots you have left (shown at the bottom left of the game screen) so you have a basic idea of how many shots you have left at all times. If you don't think you can achieve your goal with the bullets you have left, exit to the menu and try again. While you can continue shooting until you run out of bullets, it will hurt your score significantly.

Overall, Urban Sniper is the kind of sniper game that grabs your attention from the very beginning and holds it to the very end. While more experienced players may find the missions a bit easy, particularly in the beginning, the fact that accuracy is rewarded will help keep the game entertaining as it will help you try to get a high score. This is something that is missing in many of the other sniper games online, so it is definitely a welcome addition to this game. Less experienced sniper game players are going to find this game a bit frustrating but stick with it. In time, your shooting skills will improve and you'll be able to get further in the game. If you're really having trouble, use the first mission as a way to sharpen your shooting skills. Make the civilians your targets and practice taking them out. When you think you're ready to take on a mission for real, refresh the page and start from the beginning. This is a sniper game that should've be missed by any fan of the genre regardless of skill or experience level. It'll keep you entertained and coming back for more game after game.