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Urban Sniper 2 Instructions

Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Toggle between 'lookout' and 'snipe' modes using 'space'.

Urban Sniper 2 Walkthrough

The wildly popular urban sniper is back with Urban Sniper 2; an addictive and engrossing sniper game that promises to think, aim and fire. Although the basic premise is the same premise you'd find in most of the other sniper games online, this one chooses to do things a little bit differently in terms of actual game play. This is a thinking man's sniper game of sorts in that it isn't all about just shooting your targets. You need to think about the best way to accomplish your mission or risk failure. In some missions, there will be specific events that will take place you need to watch out for so you can take advantage of them and use them to take out your target. In addition, even the environment surrounding your target can be used to your advantage. Assess the situation before you begin shooting if you want to succeed and make it to the end of the game.

In Urban Sniper 2, you pick up where the original game left off. If you haven't played the original, I'd suggest checking it out before you start in on this one. You'll get a little bit of the game's back story in the first in game e-mail you receive when you start playing but to really get the full benefit the story offers, you really need to start from the beginning. The first game is also a lot of fun and well worth playing. It's a bit easier than the sequel so it offers the added benefit of allowing you to hone your basic shooting skills before tackling the more difficult game. Basically though, we learn through the first e-mail that something has happened to your father and you need to try to get vengeance for that. If you've played the first game, you already know this. Regardless, your big picture mission in this game is all about finding Don Pedrito and making him pay. He isn't an easy guy to get to though, so you'll have to take out some of his goons first. Each new mission is delivered to the in game computer via e-mail. Click the computer and then open the e-mail message to get your mission briefing. Once you've read the briefing, it's time to start taking out the bad guys.

Urban Sniper 2 isn't an easy game for newcomers to sniper games to jump into. The missions can be fairly difficult and require a lot of thinking if you want to complete them. You'll also need to have decent shooting skills and if you haven't taken the time to develop them, you're going to find this game a bit beyond your skill set. The great thing about this game, though, is that even if you struggle with the missions, you're still going to have a lot of fun. The graphics are entertaining and successful or not, the missions hold your interest. If you stick with the game for a while, you're going to find that before long your skills will improve and you're faring far better in the game than you were when you first started playing. That's the real beauty of this game. With enough practice, anyone can beat it.

Regardless of your skill or experience level, you're going to have to pay attention to the details in Urban Sniper 2. Each mission briefing will hold clues as to who your target is. Make sure you take note of those clues or it's going to be hard to get a good score on the mission and in some cases, hard to complete the mission entirely. You only have a limited number of bullets to take out your target and a big part of your score is based on accuracy. If you take out innocent bystanders, you'll be wasting bullets and hurting your accuracy score. Look for clues as to what the target or targets will be wearing. Your mission will be shown at the bottom left of your screen in case and the number of bullets you have will be shown at the bottom right. Keep an eye on both of these things so you keep sight of your mission and also know how much more ammo you have to accomplish that mission.

Overall, Urban Sniper 2 doesn't exactly break any new ground, but it's far from boring. In the sniper game genre it's nearly impossible to find a game that isn't like all of the others and this one is really no exception. The one thing that really sets this game apart from most of the other sniper games out there is that in this one, the environment surrounding your targets can sometimes be used as a weapon. Some of the items in a level can be blown up. That can definitely be an advantage; especially if you have to take out a hard to reach target or take out a number of targets in a small area. Look around and analyze your surroundings to see if that's the case. Regardless of how much skill or experience you have with sniper games, if you're a fan of the genre or were a fan of the original game, this is one that can't be missed.