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Rating: 3.98/5 stars (47 ratings)

WakeUpDead Instructions

Zoom in using space or arrow keys. Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button.

WakeUpDead Walkthrough

WakeUpDead is one of the more unusual sniper games on the internet simply because it requires you to zoom in before you can begin shooting. Anyone that loves sniper games and zombie games will love this excellent game that offers the best of both worlds. The controls are easy to understand and the graphics are a lot of fun. The game starts off slow to allow you the chance to see what is being asked of you, but as the game progresses it gets much more difficult. The game will provide a challenge for even experienced, skilled sniper game fans but it isn't so hard newcomers to the genre won't be able to get anywhere. This game offers something for everyone regardless of experience or skill level.

The goal of WakeUpDead is simple. You need to take out all of the zombies before they can get to the border. Each zombie you let pass will take one life; shown at the bottom right of your screen using bullets as indicators. Keep an eye on those bullets on the bottom right. Each time a zombie gets through the barrier you will see one of the bullets disappear. If you let six zombies pass your game will be over. The real challenge of the game is the fact that as you progress, new types of zombies appear; zombie that are harder and harder to take out. While you are trying to take out the new, stronger zombies the other weaker zombies will still be attacking right alongside of them. The challenge is to weigh your options and make the smartest move. In many cases, it's a better idea to focus on taking out the easier to kill zombies instead of wasting time on the stronger ones. Avoid losing lives in the earlier, easier stages so you have the spare lives to let a few of the stronger zombies through. You have the benefit of seeing how many zombies are left in the level, shown on the bottom left of your screen, to help you plan a bit better.

In WakeUpDead, you have to zoom in before you can even shoot at your target. This makes the game quite a bit more challenging as you limit the range you have to shoot in when you are zoomed in. Pay attention to where your cursor is before you zoom. Try to have it as close to the center of the screen to widen your range. Make sure you hit the zombies in their kill zones which highlight in red when you get the zombie in your cross hairs. Hit the right spot or waste time taking another shot. That isn't really such a problem in the beginning when there aren't as many zombies to contend with, but in later levels, you don't have time to make mistakes. Target the kill zone and hit it as often as you can. It will help you out a lot as you try to get through the levels.

There are eight levels in total in WakeUpDead which, if you have experience with sniper games and are fairly good at them, might make the game a bit too short. Experienced, skilled sniper game players will likely have little problem getting through all eight levels, but the boss at the end will pose a bit more of a challenge. The boss makes beating this game quite difficult, but with a little practice, even newcomers should be able to do it. There is a fair bit of blood in this game, so anyone that has a problem with the red stuff may want to consider another game. In reality, this isn't even close to the bloodiest sniper game online, though, so if you have a decent tolerance for blood than you should be fine. The graphics in this one are actually quite a bit of fun. They're not spectacular but they're more than enough to hold your interest.

Overall, WakeUpDead offers a lot of fun for anyone willing to give it a shot. It marries the best elements of sniper games with the best elements of zombie games making it the perfect game for fans of either genre. It isn't complicated (unless you try to follow the ingame instructions - they're a bit tricky to comprehend) but it is difficult. The graphics aren't boring but they're aren't overly flashy and complex so the game will run smoothly on any computer. This is just great zombie killing fun for anyone who wants to accept the challenge.