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Sniper Hunter 4 Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Zoom in on target and shoot with the left mouse button.

Sniper Hunter 4 Walkthrough

Sniper Hunter 4 is without a question one of the most difficult and addictive sniper games online. From the very first level you are offered a challenge and that challenge only gets more difficult to accomplish as the game wears on. With interesting and intriguing backgrounds and lots of hidden snipers to take out, this is a game you will want to beat no matter how long it takes.

The goal of Sniper Hunter 4 is fairly basic; find and shoot the snipers hidden throughout the picture you're presented with. Snipers can be anywhere. Some of them duck behind things to hide from you, so keep your eyes peeled for the top of their heads sticking out behind trees, walls, cars, buildings and just about anything else they could be hiding behind. There will be some snipers in plain sight. Those are the easiest ones to find. Take out the easy to find ones first and then focus your attention on finding the more well concealed snipers. There are no hints in this game, but there is a video walkthrough offered. If you get stuck, use the walkthrough to help guide you through. There will be levels when you need it. You don't lose points for watching the walkthrough and really, if you only use it when you're hopelessly stuck, it doesn't make the game any easier. The snipers are hidden in different places in each new level, so the guide doesn't ruin the rest of the game for you if you stop watching before it gets to a level beyond where you are.

What makes Sniper Hunter 4 so different from most of the other sniper games online is also what makes it the most difficult. Instead of sticking with the tried and true formula or shooting bad guys as they attack you, this game makes you seek out the enemies; combining the fun, shoot 'em up action of sniper games with the mystery of hidden object games. The fact that many of the snipers are so well hidden only adds to the allure of the game. This is really more of a sniper game than a hidden object game in that you have to shoot the enemies once you find them and that isn't always easy. You need to time your shots right and aim carefully. While you don't have to worry about limited ammo, you do want to take out the sniper you find as fast as you can so you can move on to finding the next one or move on to the next level. A big part of the appeal of this game is how badly it makes you want to finish a level so you can find out what the next level has in store.

Every sniper you shoot in Sniper Hunter 4 is worth points. You can see the points you've collected at the bottom right of your game screen. At the bottom left of the game screen you can see sniper icons representing how many snipers you have left to find. Above the sniper icons, you will see the menu option. If you have collected enough points you can buy upgrades for your weapon including upgrades to your scope which can make finding your enemies much easier. Upon completion of a level you will be asked whether you want to return to select a level or progress to the next picture. If you want to buy an upgrade, you would click to select a level where you can choose the next level, replay levels or buy upgrades. If you don't want to buy an upgrade, click to progress to the next picture. Should you decide you really should've bought an upgrade, you can click on the menu option to quit the level. Remember though, quitting a level will mean you lose all of the progress you've made in that level. The good news is, though, progress from earlier levels is saved. Upgrades are well worth having to find a few snipers again and, as you get to the more difficult levels toward the end of the game, you are going to need to have your weapon upgraded if you want to succeed in beating the game.

Overall, Sniper Hunter 4 is one of the most unique and engrossing sniper games online. Hidden object game fans will enjoy the challenge the game presents while sniper game fans will enjoy the chance to do something a little different. There is nothing easy about this game though so if you are easily frustrated, make use of the walkthroughs or try another game. This one is at least worth playing once. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself going back for more.